Please note that these Guidelines are important. Read them very carefully.
  1. The guidelines are a work in progress and the staff reserve the right to modify them at any time for the benefit of the site.

  2. No personal communication is allowed. If you give any details out that can be used to contact you privately you will be banned.
  3. No dealing or requesting of drugs is permitted.
  4. Off topic posts including useless chit chat, or comments like "oh man I wish I had some of those" will be removed and you will incur Guideline Violation Points. No one wants to wade through comments to find relevant information.
  5. Multiple accounts are not permitted. If you are deemed to have multiple accounts you will be banned.
  6. Pillreports is for reports on pills only. Please do not include any capsules, powders, or other reports.
  7. No pictures with more than 3 pills in one image. This is for your own protection.

Q How do I make reports/add comments?
A You need to be registered with the site and logged in.
Q I can't login! Help!
A If you're visiting the site for the first time you'll need to register an account. If you previously had an account registered on the old Pillreports website then you'll need to re-register that account. If you're username is already taken unfortunately you'll have to pick a new one.
A Request a password reset from the main page, your password may be wrong.
A Check your username, you may be enterting that wrong too.
Q "Why was my report deleted?"
A Chances are your report was deleted because:

1. It contained no useful information. (i.e., "I rolled ballz!" is not a useful report.)

2. Your report was on "molly" (aka molly crystals, crystal mdma). Molly reports are NOT allowed on pillreports.com. Please refer to the FAQ in this section.

3. Your report contained a picture with more than 3-4 pills. We don't need to see 10 or more pills to get an accurate description of what they look like.

4. Your report was a "sourcing" post. This is NOT ALLOWED in any way. Communication/Sourcing requests will be deleted on the spot...no questions asked.

5. Your report was actually a "pill shout out". Requests for information on a pill are not allowed. Please check your local regional discussion areas on BlueLight for more info on pills circulating in your area. Please do NOT post pill request ID's on the NADD "main" board, or other Main Discussion Boards - please check your Regional Pill Discussion first! Pill ID requests are not allowed on the main boards of BlueLight.

6. Your report wasn't actually YOURS, but of your FRIEND(s). These get deleted immediately. First hand knowledge only, please!

If your report was deleted, chances are it was because of one of the reasons above.
Q Why can't we post "Molly"/capsule reports?
A There is a lot less of a guarentee that the contents of one capsule will be the same as another, than there is of one pill to another.

It takes a lot of effort to make a copy of a successful pill logo. It takes exactly NO effort to get capsules of the same colour as some with a good reputation, and use that to pass off crap. All pillreports must be taken with a grain of salt as logos, ultimately, don't mean much. Capsule colours mean less than nothing.
Q What if I can't find information on a specific pill on pillreports.com?
A DON'T EMAIL US FOR INFORMATION. The only information we have is what you, the users of the site, supply. There is no hidden stash. Visit our sister harm reduction website http://www.bluelight.ru and post in the pill request threads there and somebody may be able to help you.
Q Where can I get such and such pill? Can I buy in bulk from you?
A We don't know, we don't care, don't ask us, don't email us, don't post in report comments about it. This site is about harm reduction only. The fastest way to get the site closed down is to stray from that.
Q What happened to the ratings system?
A In essence nothing has changed:

MDxx High = what used to be 8,9,10
MDxx Med = what used to be 5,6,7
MDxx Low = what used to be 2,3,4
Adulterated = what used to be 1
Bunk = what used to be 0

All we are doing is removing the endless "It was a total 9" "No, you dick it was such an 8.5!" BS discussion that inevitably would happen.

A strong pill is a strong pill, a weak one is a weak one. Everything else is just too subjective to be useful.
Q What is MDxx?
A MDxx is MDMA and/or drugs closely structurally related to MDMA, such as MDA, MDEA and MBDB. The term MDxx is used because most common reagent testing kits cannot distinguish between them, and neither can most subjective users. MDxx is generally known by the street name "Ecstasy".

For more information on MDMA please click here for the Bluelight FAQ and here for the Erowid Vault.

For more information on MDA please click here for the Bluelight FAQ and here for the Erowid Vault.
Q What is Amphetamine?
A On Pillreports we use the term Amphetamine to mean what is commonly known as "Speed" or "Meth". This can be either methamphetamine or amphetamine. Both are common adultrants in "Ecstasy" pills and are psychomotor stimulants that affects the central nervous system.

For more information on Amphetamines please click here for the Bluelight FAQ and here for the Erowid Vault.
Q What is Ketamine?
A Ketamine is a dissociative anaesthetic used medically as a veterinary and human anaesthtic. Usually sold as a white powder or vials of liquid, ketamine is sometimes presses into pills which are often sold as being MDxx. Its effects range from mild inebriation, stumbling and clumsy movement, delayed or reduced sensations, distorted perception of surroundings at lower doses to extreme difficulty moving, nausea, complete dissociation, near death experiences and blackouts at high doses. When swallowed the primary effects usually last for 1-2 hours.

For more information on Ketamine please click here for the Bluelight FAQ and here for the Erowid Vault.
Q What is DXM?
A DXM is dextromethorphan. It is commonly found in OTC cough suppressants and sometimes put in bunk pills.

For more information on DXM please click here for the Bluelight FAQ and here for the Erowid Vault.
Q What is PMA?
A PMA stands for Paramethoxyamphetamine, an amphetamine derivative with hallucinogenic properties occasionally sold in pill form as MDxx. Whilst the effects are similar to low doses of MDMA, PMA is significantly more toxic. PMA has been known to cause alarming and sometimes dangerous increases in blood pressure, body temperature and heart rate at doses of 60-80mgs. Taking multiple pills containing PMA (not uncommon for some MDMA users) can quickly result in toxicity, leading to death.

For more information on PMA please click here for the Bluelight FAQ and here for the Erowid Vault.
Q What is 2CB/2CI/4MAR/DOB/DMT/...
A You know what? Go ask Erowid. They know way more than we ever could.
Q What does adulterated and unadulterated mean?
A Adulterated refers to a tested active ingredient that is anything except for MDxx.

Unadulterated refers to a tested active ingredient that is generally MDxx.
Q What does tested mean?
A Tested refers to the process of testing a particular pill with a Marquis/Mandelin or other reagent test. This result will present a coloured reaction which is used to determine the main substance present in a given pill.
Q Is Pillreports "safe"?
A This is the rule on Bluelight and this is the rule on Pillreports. They have been the rules here for *20* years now and no one who has followed those rules has ever been in trouble.
Q What is Pillreports.com's privacy policy aka "Who will you give my information to and how is it stored"?
A Your information (username, password and email) is stored in a secure database with your password being encrypted in a one way algorythm. We will never sell nor give out your information without your express permission first and even then there'd be some major consultation for that to happen.

PR.com will never ask you for your username or password (unless you're discussing an account related issue with us and generally you'll give us some identifying feature first). We basically will not initiate any "phishing" type emails.

Phishing is a term associated with attempts to fraudulently aquire sensitive information (in Pillreport.com's case) username, passwords or email addresses. This is normally done by a person masquerading as a trustworthy source in what may be termed as official electronic communication (ie. us sending you an email asking for your username/password combination).

It is up to YOU to protect your identity. DO NOT USE usernames that are related to your real name or email addresses that obviously identify who you are (ie. work emails or student accounts from your local school, university or college). Please use common sense.
Q Why didn't I get a response back from the email addresses listed on the site?
A We may be very busy or more likely your request was ridiculous, badly phrased, related to soliciting, requested explicit pill information or you spoke to us like an over sexed AIM teen. Re-think, and if your question is still vaild, re-format and try again.
Q How should I be formatting emails to the contact email addresses listed on the site?
A See above answer. Basically if you want a decent response from us then write your question in a comprehendable format. Conform to general email etiquette (http://www.cs.queensu.ca/FAQs/email/etiquette.html). If you speak to us like a chimp we'll reply like one. Or rather we won't. We'll just fling our faeces at you.
Q Should I send you an email with a real email address?
A Hell yes! Don't be a jerk. If you want us to take your comments seriously then give us a chance to reply to you. If you don't supply a real email then don't expect us to read your comments.