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September 27, 2005
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Got a hold of some of these on friday night. my buddy gave me the bag and as i always do, i smelled. it. smelled like a bag of black twizzlers. anyway then I mecke and simons tested the bombs and they came strate as mdma, so I took em and headed back to beantown. From there it was off to a house party. About 6 or 7 ppl took theirs as soon as I got to the party. A couple took 2, most took one and a half. I myself took down one and a half. and then waited while we listened to the dance channel on comcast. (they sometimes play some good house on fridays) It took about a good hour for me to finally start to blow up, but when I did it was cool. These things reminded me quite a bit of the white deltas from 2002. my body temperature started to elevate to the point that my face was drippin with it, and thats when I decided to get off my ass and walk around the house to see if everyone was happy. ( I had a hybrid strain of weed that was big bud X misty, and everyone at the party only had beasters, so I decided I would blow a few minds real quick, haha) After I gave a lucky select few a couple hits of craziness I sat back down. At this point they had all turned out the lights and turned on some of the other lights we occasionally use when we have E parties. the lights were awesome, gettin real fuzzy one second and ultra defined another second. There wasn't too much empathy of love with these, but the blurry vision was there. I couldn't stop moving my foot back and forth and I kept sayin to my g/f "man I feel fuckin GOOD..." All in all these pills made everyone very happy, including myself. I ate one and a half supermans when I got back home at around 10 PM. I didn't stop rolling until about 2:15, and thats pretty good considering that I DID roll last week and the week before as well. And at THOSE times, I had 3 and 4 pill nights. Whats more is that the pills don't junk you out the next day at all. At 2:30 AM I simply drank 3 beers and crashed out, only to wake up in a good mood and eat a percocet and go fishing. I would buy these again in a second, although the VG's would be my ideal choice. The superman logo had yet to ever be a mistake for me; I put them right up there with the armani, omega and euro logos. Keep them comin, they have yet to disappoint! werd to that!
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