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Blue Russian


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September 27, 2005
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Name: Blue Russian

Colour: Generally light blue, but appears to be several pills crushed together, containing spots of blue, red, green and brown.

Logo: The soviet hammer and sickle, but is a bad press, so it is very hard to distinguish.

Shape: Round

Texture: It easily breaks apart into a sticky chunkiness.

Height: 3mm

Diameter: 8mm

Score: On back.

Bevel: Slightly bevelled edges.

Taste: It melts in the mouth, softly disintegrating with the usual, but not so harsh, bitter taste.

Smell: No smell.

Experience: I dropped half a pill at 11:00pm and dropped another half at 11:40pm when nothing was happening. At 12:20am I started to feel slight rushes of euphoria. I decided the pills may be quite weak and dropped a whole pill at 12:40am, then soon after I started to feel the full effects of the pill. The effects constantly changed, switching every few minutes from the loved-up euphoria typical of MDMA to the charged-up energy and crystal-clear clarity typical of what I have experienced from speed. The constant brain switching from ecstasy to speed was pretty fun, but pissed me off a little as it became considerably confusing. I have never experienced both drugs at the same time before. I was able to smooth the transitions at one point for half an hour using tobacco, but I only took a few drags, because as a non-smoker tobacco still tends to give me a head-spin. I pre-loaded with 600mg Magnesium, but still experienced nystagmus and bruxia, but consumed an added 300mg Magnesium and the bruxia subsided, but the nystagmus continued. The pills were consumed in a party situation with everyone being on the same pill. There was a dance floor so we spent half the time shuffling to trance when feeling charged-up and half the time chatting when we couldn't dance anymore, but our conversations didn't flow as freely because of the erratic nature of the pill. I cant really say that I had a peak, but did experience the maximum effects of the pill and was munted for several hours. I continued to re-dose until 4am, consuming approximately 4.5 pills. I usually consume 2-3 pills depending on strength of the pill, but found I required more of these pills. The effects started to dissipate at around 6am and end by around 8am. I took 100mg of 5-HTP around 7am before the end of the trip and felt a lovey calm post-mdma glow without the confusion of the added speed which lasted throughout the rest of the day, during which I post-loaded with another 200mg of 5-HTP. I didn't sleep until the night because I'm usually only able to sleep without the 5-HTP. I also post-loaded with Gingko for short term memory and Vitamin c for its anti-oxidant abilities and so I had no come-down.
Soviet symbol
Light Blue with speckles
Suspected Contents

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jimboppins (member since October 11, 2005)

These things look scary..
Really scary.

October 11, 2005, 1:44 am GMT


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