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September 27, 2005
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Ok... Went to a big party last night and me and a couple friends picked these up. I dropped mind, single dose, at about 9 or 9:30pm, friends dropped at around 10:30pm, didnt feel anything for 2 hours. After that I slightly come up, NO peak what so ever. My friend who had the party ended up having an extremely bad roll, FREAKED out about people in her house, some kid got into a fight with random people and everyone else (who was drunk) got loud and started hitting mailboxs at 2am so we kick EVERYONE out except for a select few people who are either rolling or sober. Police drive by the neighborhood for the next 2 hours (turns out half the people we kicked out got arrested) so we try to chill inside. Very unclean roll, paranoia, slight jaw clentching, no eye wiggles, I did see some trails so I suspect there may have been MDA/MDMA combo but very weak. Come down was HORRIBLE although i dont feel to horrible the next day. I suspect these pills came off the same press as the green butterflies as the press was exactly the same detail. I personally would stay away from these, they arent worth the money and if you take my advise may save you from a bad roll. I havent rolled in almost 2 months so I know its the pill, not me.

The only positive effects, for me, were I did see slight trails and I did get into the music a bit. Other than that these were horrible in my experience and my friends experience, one of which was his FIRST time (which is usually the best...). He said he didnt enjoy the pill nearly half as much as he thought. Sorry I couldnt get a pic, just check out the pic of the green butterflies and its the same press, just orange with no specks.
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