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September 27, 2005
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**Attention Pill Pressers and Runners**
Please stop making these pills with meth! You are hurting yourselves-
KARMA DOES exist. You have diluted the true ecstasy experience much like American culture, our music and our politics.
The people are sick of it and the people will respond by lessening the demand!

I decided to report on these b/c of the horrible, terrible experience I have had and to call out all people to "respond" in a manner that will stop this GREAT METH WAVE OF 2005.

I have had these pills 5 weeks in a row, each time they were completely different batches.
The first week I had the most relaxing roll in months....the second I have to believe contained an amount of meth that kept me up all the next day and had me slightly skittery. The third week It was very good and relaxing yet again. The fourth as well. On the fifth week I decided that I would take another stab at these and this is what happened.

7 pm- I consume (2) pills orally with water as does my superior looking girlfriend,(wink).

7:15- I am not feeling the super relaxing feeling that I was so hoping to feel- I am hower feeling very talkitive and awake with a small hint of anxiety.
8:00- With my lack of attention being payed to my body and my will to have a good relaxing night I decide that I would consume one more pill as per usual an hour after the first with water.

(for all of you who have flamed me b/c I take up to (5) pills a night, I was attempting to consume a greater amount of MDMA due to the fact that todays pills are much weaker than those of 10 years ago when I began my self exploration with this drug. I have in the past been able to tolerate the meth with some inconvenience. You will all be happy to know that I am no longer willing to do this and have decided at this point that I have a (3) pill maximum per night do to self preservation.)

8:30- My eyes are now dilated, I am very sped up and a little annoyed. This is surely not the same batch as last week and I am not happy and very let down.
9:00- The music sounds very BLAZZY BLAH and I am not even interested in listening to it. There is absolutley no empathy in tonights experience and I am now having major stomach distress.
"When your spinning lots of records and your tweaking playing checkers DIARHEA, DIAHREA, CHA CHA CHA."
9:30- We decide to take a walk with our trusty MDMA smelling dog to make the best of our night. The night sky is as usual very nice- I feel like I walked around the block in 0.3 seconds, arive back at the manor and almost collapse in a total exhaustive state. We are both very drained and breathing heavy. We are both drenched with sweat and I have to lay on the floor.
10:00- I am still lying on the floor and drinking lots of water/gatorade and icee pops.

I feel a little better until I get some mild chest pains.

***Part of the reason I have decided to cut down on the number of pills per night is b/c in the event that a pill with a high content of meth comes around like this***

I have also not been able to train with weights due to an elbow injury that I had sustained while on safari w/ Gary Busey in the austrailian outback fighting Ravenous Wolverines with the power of only our minds. Thus I have gained 5 pounds and I truly believe that my heart is working a little harder latley putting stress where I do not need it.

Thank-you Gary for the ability to find the little indian in my back yard- he has helped out with the cutting the lawn and cooking barbecue ribs on the weekends.

10-6am- I am watching television with lots of talking and A.D.D. like behavior. I am not rolling and never peaked I am however pissed and tweaking.

I got a few hours of broken sleep and am very cracked out and sketchy for two days after.

- **Attention Pill Pressers and Runners** STOP THE METH MADDNESS
...I have for now stopped taking this drug. The culture has been damaged, the experience cheapened, the people misled. It is not worth my life or anyones. I hope that I see the day that I can believe that pills will come clean...until then I have stopped all attempts at having the real deal experience. I am not the only person that has noticed this. People are kids that I know are even turning there backs on this drug.

Until the moon bursts into flames and launches kidney stones at the planet earth- MAKE MINE M.D.M.A.!

****M. E. T. H.****
Mythical Ecstasy To Hillbillies

Rise up, chikkety check yo'self before you riggetty wreck yo'self, respresent, whatever that is to you, and make them CHANGE!

P.S. - Gary I saw you on Celebrity Fit Club last night and you are looking great. When I go to Big Lou Ferrignos tonight I'll tell him of your success.


"Yaba also is becoming increasingly popular at raves, techno parties, and other venues where the drug MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine, typically called ecstasy) is used. Drug distributors deliberately market yaba to young people, many of whom have already tried MDMA. The bright colors and candy flavors of yaba tablets are examples of distributors' attempts to appeal to young people."
"It is difficult to determine the scope of yaba use in the United States because most data sources do not distinguish yaba from other forms of methamphetamine. Yaba has emerged as a drug of abuse in Asian communities in the United States, specifically in Northern California and in Los Angeles."

*****Yaba, the Thai word for "crazy medicine," is a tablet form of methamphetamine, a powerful stimulant. These synthetically produced pills contain 25 to 35 mg of methamphetamine and 45 to 65 mg of caffeine. Tablets are available in a variety of flavors (including grape, orange, and vanilla) and colors (most commonly reddish-orange or green). Various logos (commonly "WY" or "R") adorn yaba tablets, which are the size of the end of a drinking straw. Yaba looks and tastes so much like candy that many young users (often including ecstasy users) underestimate its harmfulness****

I do believe that the ameri-asian connection could have been made- the recipes and ideas are out there to be able to do this....People go to these countries and come back with stories of vacationing and experiencing a POWERFUL experience...This is POSSIBLE - beware of the METH BAIT AND SWITCH....

"According to The Observer, UK drug agents believe the recipe has spread from the "Golden Triangle" by word of mouth and on the Internet. Like the importation of the ecstasy dance scene, which British clubbers discovered while vacationing in Ibiza in the 1980s, demand for yaba in Britain is said by the Observer to be "fueled by holidaymakers returning from the Far East."

" Dont let them think they can destroy what we have embraced and upheld for so long... We are more enlightened than they can imagine..."
****If you read one link please let it be this one****
Please read it entirely and understand that my fear is not particularly with the United Wa State Army (UWSA), (an ethnic Wa group with 20,000 well-armed troops), establishing hundreds of amphetamine laboratories near the Thai and Chinese borders.
My fear is that this meth wave we are experiencing is a a prelude to a disaster that could very well be planned by ANY organized faction that currently produces such drugs as MDMA.

Even smaller chemists that are in the know of how it, meaning (METH or YABA if you are living in thailand,burma etc...) is being sold and made with ease and cheaply. The chemist may be guided by a greedy spirit that may just drive them to slowly change over to making only meth bombs that many new to the experience may even like. We are possibly seeing the end days for our experience as we know it...think about it...I have been waiting on this idea for some time...

"Although it is currently believed that Southeast Asian methamphetamine pills are brought to the United States primarily for sale to the Asian community, demand may expand to other communities. There are indications that methamphetamine tablets are becoming more popular within the "rave" party scene, given the similar appearance to other tablet form "club" drugs, such as Ecstasy."

"Highly organized Asian criminal organizations and gangs dominate the sale of ice in the Los Angeles area. Japanese and Korean ice traffickers use Chinese-manufactured precursor chemicals to produce the drug and then distribute it. These Asian traffickers also distribute the drug in Guam and Hawaii." I bet they slip meth into our pills to ...think...

Now off my soap box I think we should get back to BOYCOTTING METH PRESSED PILLS!!!!!

Think about the story of YABA and how it relates to our cause and above all just think...

Or the joke might just be on us all....

"It comes in a little pill, often with sugar and an aroma added to make it more palatable. It probably was made by minions of a Burmese warlord. The Thais call it "yaba," or "crazy medicine."
We call it methamphetamine.........

"At some raves, we are finding that about one in 10 pills tested is meth and caffeine.

"And that's yaba."

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racehorse (member since October 6, 2005)

man your soo right. I hate meth, when I Lived in Arizona all I ever seen were tweakers on the streets and they had open sores from the ice eating threewthere skin. Ive know about this horrible drug since I was 12 I am now 21. they just make them chep so everyone can go buy like 100 of these and shit. BOYCOTT the METH PRESS U JERKS

October 11, 2005, 5:24 pm GMT