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Purple Ironman


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December 6, 2021
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Purple ironman, was a very bad pressing, not clean, took a while and several people to determine what it was.

Also had a similar pill that was a Blue Square with "I love you" hand, Yellow circle kind of like a flower
Very very bad pressing
Suspected Contents
MDxx + other
User Report

got this from our regular guy in Brooklyn. Took the first half around 1:30am, was veeeeeery very light.

Barely any uncomfortable come up, just a very slow and steady up, music was great, lots of dancing, still very lucid.

Took the 2nd half around 2:45am. Finally had to poo a bit later around 3:15am. Still very very easy come up, but still very lucid. Still wanted to dance. Never needed nor wanted to sit down all night long. Chewed some gum, got a lollipop. Hugged my friends. Forgot to pay attention to the music and started talking to the strangers dancing next to me.

Very very talkative, happy thoughts, although still pretty lucid, could type and use my phone easily. Easy to make thoughts.

5am, show was supposed to end. Still very energetic, no come down.

Encore until 5:45am, had even more energy.

Invited new friends over to house until 6:30am.

Stayed up just chatting with SO until 8am.

Tried to sleep. Never really able to fall deeper in sleep. Still hadn't experienced a real come down, just slow and steady body relaxing, but mind was very active. Heart was audible but not worrisome.

11am stopped trying to sleep.

Chilled the rest of the day, went on walks. Mild jaw clenching all day. Eyes were still big and still felt a very lingering relaxing high and mild lazy energy until bed that night.

Did not test, but suspect there is some MDxx and probably a sort of amphetamine that kept us awake all the next day.

Based on personal past, most likely MDMA and not MDA.

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mayantripper (member since October 28, 2012)

Sound like mda because of long duration and not peeking like you expected.

February 3, 2022, 1:53 pm GMT