Pill Report: KA Palm Tree
KA Palm Tree


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March 5, 2020
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Unusual shape - shaped as a drink can, KA logo with a palm tree underneath
Has a break line on the back with a (R) symbol underneath
Weighed around 450mg and through mine but more my friends experience we would say around 250mg-300mg of mdma. definetly start with half or less

Hadn’t seen any one else report on these so I would love to know if anyone else had done them.
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March 5, 2020
KA with Palm Tree
Drink Can
15.0 mm
8.0 mm
Clean Cut
Suspected Contents
MDxx High
User Report

I had done pills 2 times (red bulls) before this; the first time the come up took a bit longer than an hour and the second time (same pills as before) it took around 35 minutes, I took a quarter both times so my come ups have fluctuated in the past.
Onto these pills; I took a quarter again and the come up was slow started feeling affects 30 minutes after but they didn’t fully kick in until around an hour and 20 minutes later but I didn’t feel as good as before so I decided slightly bump up the dose from a 1/4 to a 1/3 which really brought the affects out and I started feeling incredibly good and just had a great time like previous times (high lasted for around 3-4 hours after taking the first quarter). Pupils went very large and stayed large for around 7 hours later.
My friends experience was pretty different on the same pills: she is pretty experienced with pills so started with a half and they started kicking in in about 25 minutes and she said she felt very good and her vision was pretty blurry; she went on to say it was one of her best rolls and these pills were better than the red bulls. Both our experiences were similar at the peak of feelings and the roll lasted around 3-4 hours for the both of us.

Overall I think this pills are pretty good and nice and give a good roll (I think I just didn’t take enough when I first started but the peak was amazing).

As I said I would love to hear if anyone else had done these.

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nixdred (member since May 7, 2019)

Hey! I've some pair of these but in pink. At least the press is going around

April 23, 2020, 3:48 am GMT