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Green Heart 2cb


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August 23, 2019
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smooth pill, no logo, strong contents
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I managed to get my hands on some new 2cb pill in the shape of a heart with a green colour which apparently contains a lot. I decided to try one in the woods with two friends.

It was a warm sunny day and we decided to take half a pill around 16:00. Suddenly it kicked in and I had the feeling as if I did too much MDMA, my eyes had difficulties focussing on the ground and suddenly it started to produce waves like water. It seemed like there were little holes in the ground towards which al the water was moving in a circle. If I blinked my eyes it would be gone and then 2 seconds later it would start again. This was AWESOME!!

What to expect if this was just the beginning? The path I was looking at was sort of turning to one side. I decided not to focus on the ground and grab some water and I noticed that I couldn’t estimate how far away from my hand the bottle was.

After about half an hour the body load was coming up, which was a heavy feeling in my belly, having it a littlebit warm and walking was starting to get difficult. But this soon disappeared after we had a little walk. We ended up at a little bench next to a small lake. Suddenly the grass was moving like waves and it looked like there were little worms with human like faces in the grass that were smiling at me. If I looked in the sky, it looked as if there was a very large rainbow covering half of my sight.

We were here for two to three hours or so and we took the other half in between. Another very spacey thing that happened was that the foots of the trees started moving side to side as if only the lower part was floating on water.

Eventually we went home and the effects wore off at around 21:00. After it I had a good sleep and was clear in the head the next day. So I certainly recommend this pill.

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scatterday (Administrator)

Thanks for reporting,

Great user report. Any chances you could possibly upload an image of the pill or even test one with a reagent testing kit?

Were these sold to you as 2-CB?

September 2, 2019, 9:37 pm GMT