Pill Report: Q-Dance (Orange/White dual Layered)
Q-Dance (Orange/White Dual Layered)


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December 24, 2018
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I reagent testet one of this q-dance pills (Suspected to contain 250+ mg MDMA). The marquis test turns straight from darkpurple to black. The mandelin test turns straight from darkblue to black and the mecke test turns straight from darkgreen to black.
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February 11, 2019
Key Shape/Q-Dance Logo Shape
Suspected Contents
MDxx High
Mandelin Reagent
Marquis Reagent
Mecke Reagent
User Report

I tested this one with a buddy last weekend at a clubrave. Iam 80kg male guy. I dont do mdma often, the last time i took something before was 3 month ago.

01:00 we are at a friends house and decided to take a bit of this pill. I only took 1/4 of it because i read that this beans are strong (250-270mg) and i dont want to get too much in the zone this evening. we waited a hour and decided to take another tiny bit of the pill. it was about 1/8 more. So we totaly took around 95mg. we didnt take any more for the night.

02:00 We arrived at the club and i feeled the coming up a bit but not realy intense effects at this point. we decided to go in the backstage room first and just chilled there with the djs and clubcrew for a few minutes. after another half hour the pill hooked up! i was in a good mood and having fun talking to ppl that are around me. nothing too crazy at this point. So we decided to leave the backstage and go in the main room to dance a bit to a dutch techno dj who was playing his set.

2:30: The music was realy hard and monton but i was having fun to dance to it and noticed iam pinging in a good way to this time. No hard sideeffects at this point, just a bit of jaw clenching but not too hard. A chewing gum just reduced this and it was fine with it. So we danced for 2 hours and i was talking to my friends a lot and was haveing fun! :)

4:30: I noticed that i was coming down and the the effects ended at this point. i talked to my buddy who was a bit more experienced with such drugs and for him it was the same result at this time. he told me that the pill gave him a realy clean roll and that the effects were good and smooth for him aswell.

6:00 I came home at this point and ´looked in a mirror. my pupills was realy big at this time but i didnt noticed any more effects of the pill. i was tired and decided to go to sleep. I slept not realy good, i wake up every hour and had the feeling i have to sort some kind of thoughts in my head. that worked not so good.. I slept for 4 hours and than i waked up and started the next day.

The hangover was realy decent. I didnt drank much alcohol in the night. So no hard depression and i watched a few series on netflix and just hang around a bit. I ate a few winegrapes, took some magnesium and vitamin C tablets. Later on i decided to go to some swimming and sauna what i regulary done a few times in a week. It helped me even more to not have a houge hangover. I felt realy good after it and took a healthy meal aswell. So i can say i was in a realy good mood the whole day. Today is the next day and iam still feeling pretty good. :)

So my conclusion is, we only took 1/3 in totaly of the pill and is was a decent roll wich wasnt to weired and lasted for about 2 hours. The pill was realy hard pressed and took a while till it kicked in. We are going to a festival this summer and i have a few of this little fellas left. This time i will take 1/2 for the start and will redose it with another quarter. Becouse there i wanted to be more blown away and it should effect a few hours longer this way i think.

For me it is a good one. I would do it again and wish you all fun with it :)

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