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Pink Love


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May 11, 2018
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It's got around 180-200mg in it for sure
Really clean press, doesn't have a snap line but it can be broken in half easily, looks the same on both sides.
No logo, love printed in the middle on both sides
Heart shape
Suspected Contents
MDxx High
User Report

Me and 3 other friends took 5 of these for a party, we heard they were really good.
23:15-Took a half of the pill and stood outside the club waiting for it to open
23:45-Entered the club, feeling nothing yet
00:00-Feeling a rush of euphoria, started talking to other people in the club
00:15-I didn't think the pill worked so good, I thought I should take 1 more half to boost the effect
00:30-I'm basically fucked. Taking that second half transfered me to another dimension. Eyes are wiggling and my jaw is uncontrollable as well.
1:00-Smoked a joint to calm myself down because the feeling was too intense, it was the same like half an hour ago
1:30-Still feeling super fucked up, smoked another one
2:00-We're going home from the club, we stopped somewhere in the woods just to chill until we're all feeling normal. This feeling won't end, it just keeps getting more intense(in a good way)
2:30-Took a line of amps because we were dancing outside the car and I needed energy, the pill is still working
3:30-Feeling a bit confused, we smoked a lot of weed and the pills still worked no matter what
4:00-The pills stopped working, not an unpleasent comedown, basically chilling and smoking more and more weed
5:00-We came to the city and waited for 2 hours to go have a drink at the first bar that opened because we still couldn't sleep
I think that this pill is really really good, I shouldn't have took so much, maybe a half first and then a quarter. These pills are really worth a try, I rate them 10/10

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