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January 9, 2018
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I tell you about it down belove
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MDxx and Amphetamine
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So this was my first time ever trying xtc. I've just tried clean mdma before, capsules.
I tried it the first time in September, now it's January, and I've tried it 3 times between.

I'll tell you about my first time: (don't remember the time exactly)
I took 1 halft pill at 00:00. After 5 minutes (I was stupid and it was my first time) I said "I feel nothing", so I took the other half. Me and my friend got into a car with 2 friends and drove 10 minutes to a place. (Now it's been around 20 minutes since i took the first half) I sat on a bench, feeling very aggressive and yelling at a guy (he was a fuckboy tho). He walked away and I felt so bad. I stood up and walked to the car, my legs felt so dizzy and I started to panic (I'm afraid to throw up), I got a little bit dizzy and I'll, waited 3 minutes and then felt much better. We drove around the whole city and my jaw started to go back and forth like CRAZY. Remember sat on a bench in the city and went crazy with my jaws, my best friend still makes fun of me lol. I sat on a guys lap in the car the whole time (3 hours), and was cuddling with him. Kinda fell in love with him and still feels something for him. My pupils got so big as well, all people I met that night still make sure fun off me because of my eyes. Then me and my friend went home, she took 3 pills and couldn't pee, I had no problem with that. She fell asleep so fast while I couldn't sleep at all because her leg pushed against me the WHOLE NIGHT. I low key slept 3 hours and then woke up really early, my parents thought I was wired and mentioned that my pupils where big.
The whole day I felt like I had a fever and my jaws still went back and forth, couldn't help it. My mouth was a mess the week after.
The other 2 times went better.

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mitsubishihunter (member since August 11, 2018)

Can confirm these pills are fucking brilliant. Intense, long ping. Comeups have varied. One was an hour and another was 20 minutes! Very solid, reliable pills, keep you dancing all night. The best ive had for certain. Press is very clean and solid. Colour is super vibrant. Only downside is, drinking water tastes like absolute shit and my girlfriend had an issue with not being able to piss on one occasion. Despite this, definitely worth a try.

August 11, 2018, 12:34 am GMT