Pill Report: Blue Stormtrooper
Blue Stormtrooper


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December 21, 2017
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New press from Holland i am told light blue stormtrooper head cutout

took them sat night and just posting report now

No tested just consumed
Believed to be 180-200 mg Spread in these
Stormtrooper head
Light blue
Cut out
Suspected Contents
MDxx High
User Report

Picked up a few of these bad boys from a friend said they where just in town so i said id try them out as he has taken them the night before with mates and all good reports

00.30 Saturday night and we arrived at the party me and my 4 other mates.
It was a small techno party really nice setup. We started off with a drink and we looked each other in the eyes and smiled it was time. We were exited its been a month we have seen each other so the mood couldnt be better. So we all took 1.

00.55 I felt it coming on to me strong
as first. Felt these nice energetic shivers down my spine. Focus blurred and I felt I was doing Best to describe the feeling Not much longer after me 4 other mates were rolling too, BIG TIME, 1 needed to sit down for some time he was going too hard for comfort.

02.00 We were going insane on the dance floor. Jaws went crazy from time to time, especially when I slowed down on the dancing. The peak was about unleash and I felt great. I noticed I wasnt that thirsty as I normally would be.

04.15 Peak was gone, but energy was still very up. Amazing these give me a real boost without having the speedy effect some strong pills tend to have. Because we planned to stay till the end, we all except 1 friend took another 1.

07.00 End of party damn still having a great time, still buzzing but I am feeling i am coming down nice and slow.

8.00 back home smoke a feel joints and fall asleep no problem

Feel fresh the next day and can eat no problem


bogman (member since March 27, 2008)

Quality report.

January 9, 2018, 7:40 pm GMT

pillpop111 (member since May 29, 2019)

had one of these in the Uk comeplete shit dont buy them

May 29, 2019, 8:31 pm GMT