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Blue Bunnies/ Quackers


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December 3, 2017
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tarks lad
Good clean bunny press.
No score line.

Also if you rack these I garentee it'll be more intense then a drop.

Read my trip:
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December 3, 2017
Bugs bunny/scissors
Light blue
Round no score
Shaved edges
Suspected Contents
Other - please see report
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I racked up 2 of these first batch hittin the town I racked well 1 3/4 and mate had like 2 lines... yea different level. 2 years ago I was 15 no lsd experience and scared shitless trying new shit only took ab 5 mins to feel a come on but fuck was that somethin ay better than coke but 15 minutes into It and the feeling was just that intense I could only stand still and grab my hair as if I was pulling it out. Next second mate comes over and shakes my hand and says he's leaving... anxiety levels went through the fucking roof because the trip started kicking in never have experienced anything else like it shapes shifting, walls growing mold and tbh the only thing normal was the tv. And this was only 30mins into it and I was 15 so what did I do? Yup told the mother she went off and I wasn't really caring I was just waiting to hit the floor dead it was getting that intense my face was pale, eyes were dinner plates, jaw was locked and all of a sudden I was over the toilet chucking up stomach lining a lot of it too so then I got into the shower sounded like I was in a rain forest with millions of birds around me can close my eyes cause it was worse then leaving them open. It wasn't getting better only still coming up more and more so I told mum I think it's enough.. like really so she got on the phone to the hospital and rushed me an ambulance code 1 life threatening situation they called it strapped to a bed and in I went I had a fat paramedic sitting there dunno if I was tripping to hard but this cunt was crying... like full on I was wiggin hard then after I remember going in the hospital getting rushed straight into like an operation room or somthing? Put a strap on my arm and took a big blood test hooked me up to a iv drip pumping water through my body and from there on in I don't remember the rest I think that's when it peaked tbh but yea I got the reading of every content from my blood test sheet these pills included 25i-25c. If not know what that is its basically a synthetic lsd. I'm also pretty positive there's traces of PMA but note the hospital also said that these have given me a drug phcycosis but knowing them they'll be bullshitting but NO DONT RACK THESE...UNLESS YOUR A RUTHLESS CUNT not for beginners.

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mazza (member since November 3, 2008)

Wow these have resurfaced again from 3 or 4 years ago! People did die from these back then, those who didnt die were the ones who ate them as 25x substances have no effect orally.
You are very lucky, please always Australia, we have the worst quality of anything, nothing is any good anymore, its 9 times out of 10 scrapings from the bottom of the bin, and the worst of the worst is in QLD

December 10, 2017, 4:05 am GMT