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Blue Star


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September 11, 2017
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moe yokes
Really good press and was hard to break of bit to test for MD.

No breakline, guessing between 80-120mg max.

If youve tried these post comments. Very trippy and relaxing
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December 4, 2017
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9.0 mm
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Sniffed around 80mg of ket and had a whippit it 3 hours beforehand

T+0:00 Drop 1 and a half stars

T+0:20 Started to get butterflys on comeup nothing crazy

T+0:40 Butterflys begin to get noticably stronger, starting to smile a lot more, hands start to get really sweaty

T+0:50 Hits me like a fucking train, uncontrollable eye rolling, teeth grinding and gurning. Need to lie down to take it all in

T+1:00 Begin to groove to the music being played really enjoying myself having the chats with my mates

Note: Doesn't seem to get gradually stronger i was just ouveh for 3.5 to 4 hours and decided to redose with half a star

T+4:00 Drop another half a star

T+4:15 Starting to see patterns grow all over the walls litch cant read my phone, the letters on my keyboard were jumping from side to side

T+5:30 Drop 20mg of 2cb as ive wanted to nexus flip for so long

T+6:30 2cb kicks in and ive no fucking clue whats going on cant tell whats real and what isnt, thought my mates were different versions of me in different universes and if i looked a certain way in a room everything got real weird like everything was looking at me and time was slowing down. Was enjoying it for a while till it got really annoying

T+7:00 Litch wobbling from room to room tryna stop my sense of time from slowing down, if i stay seated for long enough everything seems like a pattern even time and my mates, really weird, only ever experienced this when i accidently sniffed 80mg of 2cb before but this is only 20mg oral wtf

T+7:15 Wondering when the fuck this is going to end, my friends' faces in the dark start turning into faces of other people. I was also talking to a friend when suddenly time slowed down and it was as if whatever they last said was being looped as their mouth was pronouncing the words in a loop so it looked like they were a robot and their eyes turned into black and white static kaleidoscopes weirdest part of the night

The comedown was really gentle but the fact i havent slept in 48hrs and havent eaten anything in 16 didnt help, got a slight afterglow which helped me through work after a 3hr sleep

Really clean pills would deffo recommend, ive heard theyre a hit or miss as they could be 80 or 120mg so id suggest taking a little more than one or even 2 if youve a high tolerance


eoinb29 (member since September 16, 2017)

Yes this have mdma in them.

But no way 160 mgs I'd say 80-100mgs

Done one last night nice but not strong

September 16, 2017, 12:16 pm GMT

igotways2fly (member since September 28, 2017)

I'm heading up to the button factory in two weeks for the Temple of sound reunion party and I am having trouble getting jiggers for the night how hand would it be to score good ones up in Dublin with out any good contacts much appreciated old skool raver

October 5, 2017, 1:28 pm GMT