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Blue Dolphin


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September 27, 2005
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Took these last sat. night.

I considered not even posting on them since I have been flamed and scorched of late for getting pills that have a so called bad rep.


I decide that since most of the pills have been cut with speed/meth of late, to start early.
7:30 pm- Ho hum- me and g-friend ingest (2) pills orally with water.
7:45 pm- go for a walk with the dog and begin to feel gentle body tingles and even notice that my pupils are starting to enlargen at this time. note- this pill tasted like crap...well actually really bitter to be exact.
8:00- take a shower and am starting to think about my personal relationships with co-workers/g-friend/ and other people. I even think about people that in my normal waking state do not give a damn about. This is usually a good sign for the night b/c it doesnt happen often and is a damn good PERSONAL indicator that the pill is gonna have the allusive "empathy" quality that I have missed since last january...
8:30- We both take our standard 3rd pill of the night and talk about our lives-getting to a personal level that we have not recently been given the ticket to go to on recent weekends...this shit is loooved up.
The music is good, the house isn't haunted and I have gone to the army navy store earlier this week to buy (12) hour glow sticks. I get em', crack em', shake em' and do some Mc'gyver taping of these green, blue, red, and orange glow sticks to the ceiling fans.....wooooo...I feel 15 tonight and it is a good thing.
9:30- We are flipping glow sticks-(this really isn't our typical night), listening to music, and take a nice night walk...we love our dog we love each other but don't get in our way.

This shit is good. no eyer wiggles,no jaw clenching, and LOTS of horrible stomach issues DAMN this shit is making me want to shit or puke or something, but .......we don't.
9:50- take fourth pill- Now...everytime we get up our stomachs wease and squeel and I feel that if I get these next weekend that I will drive to the MALOX regional head quarters and audition for a commercial.
10:30- we are still talking/enjoy each others company...our dog is a freak tonight and won't back off...he is a MDMA hound 4 sure.
11:00- take our 5th and final pill and start to laugh about this stomach thing,,,,,
11pm to 6am we hang and listen music...we try to sleep at 4m but to know avail...I'm now wondering if it contained alot of caffeine as a binder...no meth sex drive ...hmm

All in all these were the best pills I've had since the second batch of red supermen I got months ago- minus the stomach distress-

Off the record they get a solid (7) from me...but I'll adhere to the rules.
I wish I could get more empathy in a bottle. Its funny how they can spin it up and have it lack that.

Oh yeah if you ever tape your glow sticks to ceiling fans- watch out towards the end of the night...you might poke your eye out.....

The next day is OK, not too cranky but tired from lack of sleep - I am out of 5htp- so I take one 20mg paxil and my prescription xanax - and I smooth right out...The g-friend hits the wine and a little of her vicodin from when she fought that wild,rabid raccoon and strained MY back.

***Watch out for the P.ill P.oppin' F.ire M.arshall R.ave M.onster appearing at a Manor near you!***
(P.P.F.M.R.M.)- Lezzzzzleeeeeeeee !

B-safe - Take it all in while you still have a body.
Cartoon Dolphin
Light/teal Blue w/ white dots
Round, domed bottom no score
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thizz it up (member since June 29, 2009)

I had these a while ago but there were no spekeles. And yeAh it's just MDMA and caffine

July 10, 2009, 8:41 pm GMT