Pill Report: Zelda Shield
Zelda Shield


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January 11, 2017
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As I said , easy to break ,leaves a bit of dust behind when broken , no line on the back , from what I heard this is a new press
Zelda's shiield pattern
Easy to brake
Suspected Contents
MDxx Medium
User Report

I'd say this new press is good for your avarage raver , I took a 1 month break from rolling and this pill only had me rolling at a medium to low levels
I took 1 pill at a local club , here it's how it went
01 AM : dropping 1/2 , i've only drank 1 beer before that , danced a little , go for some cigars etc
01:30 AM : feeling a slight buzz comming , a bit warmer inside , a bit more chatty etc
02:00 AM : SHIT IS GOING DOWN , DANCING LIKE I WAS PAID 5000$ TO DO THAT , holy mother of god I had so much energy , I can't even remember what I was doing for half an hour
02:30 AM : the energy goes at a normal level now , decided to drop the other 1/2 , jaw clenching was there but not so hard , i'd give it a 6/10 , eye wobbles also but very low , 4/10 there
03:30 AM : went for a smoke and the effects started to come down , just a buzzing in my head
04:00 AM : i find out that if I dance with my girlfriend after the effects come off I can still be able to move , smile , be communicative etc
05:00 AM : I decided to go home because the atmosphere in the club was getting kinda lame and I was hungry too
Sleep : As soon as I arrived home I took a piss and got into bed and felt asleep like a baby , woke up the next day fresh af

I would recommend this pill if you are an average user , idk , maybe if u take pills once or twice a month , but for people who take them more often I would not suggest getting it just because it has a medium mdma quantity compared to the other pills on the market


bearlove2 (member since August 20, 2015)

Thanks for the report - sounds like a clean high, up-down, eat, piss, sleep :)

No feeling like you have been run over the following day either which is always a bonus

January 16, 2017, 6:56 am GMT

crash33mlb (member since February 11, 2017)

Hey guys,
I'm here in București and looking for something safe for tonight. If you could help a brother out, that would be great in this country where it's difficult to procure anything. Thanks again,

February 11, 2017, 12:58 pm GMT

nowidontwanna (member since March 7, 2017)

I got some of these pills but they're green/olive color and scored down the middle on the back. Anyone have any info? I'll do a report on them in a couple days.

June 7, 2017, 5:21 pm GMT

pactran (member since June 12, 2017)

any news on the green/olive color ones?

June 12, 2017, 7:36 pm GMT

nosferatu (member since July 14, 2017)

Can someone help me in Bucharest with a contact to buy some?

July 30, 2017, 12:58 pm GMT

nowidontwanna (member since March 7, 2017)

Sorry about the report on the green/olive. I've only done one report before and my report on these wasn't that well written. They were defininately god imo. However I only use once every few months and I'm 5'6 120lbs. I'm taking the green ones again tonight. Last time I took the second half too early and threw it up. Was peaking pretty hard from the first half until I threw it up. Probably shouldn't have done that lol

August 4, 2017, 2:34 am GMT