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October 16, 2016
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October 16, 2016
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MDxx High
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First report so apologies if it's not that great, Pill suspected to contain 220mg+ MDMA, bright red colour, thick and hard pill, smell of aniseed,tastes like mdma,I'm an occasional user (once every 3-4 months) I'm well used to the effects of MDMA and psychedelics. I took a half in the taxi before going to a club with friends who were also taking the same pill, 3 of us took a half, 1 took a full pill. We all had a few drinks but were in no way intoxicated. I hadn't eaten much that day and was also pretty tired due to work

12:00am - Dropped pill in taxi
12:15am - chatted with friends, danced a bit, stocked up on water
12:50am - I can slowly feel the pill taking affect,very slow and gradual come-up
1:10am - by now I'm up, feeling very euphoric,Chatting a lot, Smoking like a train,
1:30am - everybody is up by now, Very very clean high, controllable, could switch it off whenever I wanted to, easy to hide, little jaw clenching,not sweating that much.
1:45am - music sounds amazing, pretty much just standing on the dancefloor taking in the lights, at this moment my friend who took a full pill freaks out and goes home, too overwhelming.
2:30am - loving the quality of these pills,as is everyone, MD hugs are the best.
2:45am - go and dance some more with my friends, waves are pretty euphoric still.
3:00am - club ends, we wait outside for a taxi ,rain feels nice on my skin.
3:40am - arrive home and meet our friend who left earlier, starting to come down a little, decide to take another 1/2 pill.
4:00am - felt different suddenly, everybody chilling out,listening to music, having chats and smoking.
4:05am - I go to the bathroom, halfway during my piss I realise that I am tripping...pretty hard
4:10am - come back downstairs and let everyone know what happened,Im pretty freaked out as the trip kind of attacked me while I was on my own, I confide in one friend for the night and she helps me through it,. Very paranoid towards everyone else.

5:45am - I slip out of the trip and feel very happy about that wave that brings back your senses at the end of a trip.

6:00am - fall asleep, no problem,jaw clenching quite a lot

All in all a good experience, extremely clean pills that I would say have nothing but MDMA in them, just a pretty high dose so do be careful that you don't trip out like me at the end,would not recommend taking a full one at all, half and half was more than enough for me.also no bad comedown, just mentally exhausted from the trip, had a nap and I'm fine. If you can get your hands on these, proceed with caution!

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