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August 30, 2016
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An acquaintance of mine told me that he has one more pill from a party and that he doesn't want it anymore. I asked him what’s the name of the pill and he said Mitsubishi. When I heard Mitsubishi, first thing which came on my mind was PMA because I know that many of those pills contain this substance, so I was excited to hear this because once I head an experience with PMA which I really enjoyed because of the hallucinations.
He showed me the pill, I tasted it and I was sure that it wasn’t MDMA. It was similar to PMA – soft, chalky, not very bitter, somehow salty and the colour gets darker when in touch with humidity. It is purple and it has blue and red specs on it. I checked pillsreports for this pill and I found a pill very similar to this one and I found out that it might be a piperazine, not PMA. I decided to take it for experimental purpose.
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August 30, 2016
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Soft, chalky, desintegrated
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User Report

22:30 – Dropped first half.

22:50 – Not mentally high but I’m moving my legs rapidly, feeling somehow agitated. At the moment I think I’m just nervous for the pill to kick in but now I know it was from the drug. I’m trying to take notes but I find it difficult to find some words to write. I’m also feeling some butterflies in my stomach.

22:55 – Mental high is coming up slowly with a slight feeling of nausea, both similar to MDMA. Not euphoric feelings though. Mouth starts to get dry and my palms are a little bit sweaty. Also, when I blocked my phone, I’m sure I heard a different noise besides the one it makes when I block it. (I still don’t know it was from the pill because I didn’t experience any other auditive hallucinations from it)

23:00 – I’m starting to stretch a little bit, feeling relaxed.

23:05 – Still not feeling much of the mental high. I’m enjoying the music but I don’t find it so interesting such as on MDMA, but it’s ok. I’m starting to yawn and as I do it, my jaw is shaking a little bit. I’m starting to sweat and I feel that I need to socialize. I’m trying to talk to somebody on facebook but I’m getting easily bored of it.
23:10 – My sweat is dripping and I’m feeling a little bit annoyed by it.

23:23 – My pupils start to dilate and I feel that my eyes are burning a little bit. I’m not worried about it cause it’s not a strong sensation.

23:25 – My phone starts ringing. I don’t want to answer it and I find it really annoying.

23:35 – Laying in bed is comfortable. I’m starting to feel really bored right now and I with that the effect of the pill would end. Pupil dimension changes from time to time. I’m starting to feel a slight sharp side-abdominal pain and in the back (kidneys). It is bearable. As I change my position in bed, it doesn’t bother me anymore.

23:40 – I barely feel the high right now.

23:45 – Dropped the 2nd half. I would have dropped it earlier but I was not 100% it was not PMA and I know that that substance take a while to kick in.

00:10 – Mental high is increasing and I feel alert and stimulated. Colours like green, brown, orange are more intense. These colours are predominate in my room so everything is glowing. I would have enjoyed a higher dose, so this glowing feeling had been stronger.

00:15 – I really want to go somewhere so I call a friend and I ask him if he wants to smoke some weed. He is with another 2 friends and they accept. I also ask him if we could go to his apartment. (I feel safer like this). I take a quick shower, put some clothes on and in 9 minutes I leave the apartment. At this point I feel like a don’t care about anything. I’m not feeling sad, but not happy either. Just a “don’t give a shit” feeling.
Walking is very enjoyable. I’m moving pretty fast and I have a strong desire to arrive to my first destination (weed), like this is mission. I had an anxious moment, thinking about police seeing my acting strangely, but I calmed down quickly, as I’m used to anxiety thoughts and mostly because I didn’t care about anything. On the street I was not aware of my surroundings, as I was mostly introspective and thinking that I want to smoke as soon as possible. For a second I look in front of me and at about 10-15 meters a see a couple of people and I was shook because I didn’t expect anybody to be there. I think they observed that I have opened my eyes widely open when I saw them but I didn’t pay attention to their reaction ‘cause I still didn’t care.

00:35 - I’m there. I stayed around 10-15 minutes with some acquaintances, enjoying a cigarette. (I normally, don’t enjoy them) and then left.

00:40 – I arrive at my friend’s apartment where he was waiting for me with the other 2 friends. They all had experiences with E so I told them what I took as soon as I entered the room. One of them told me that I look like I don’t give a fuck about anything and I said: “Exactly”. Didn’t have trouble with jaw clenching but I was chewing gum intensively cause I got much energy. I started to grind the weed with my fingers and one of them wanted to help me but I told him to let me do it (I was pretty verbally aggressive). He told me to calm down and I said that I was very calm and they were all amused and like “yeah, right”. I said that I know that I act aggressively but on the inside I feel very calm. I was also feeling very sociable and talking to them.
We light the J and at the begining I barely feel it. I was enjoying the music and alternating between techno and rap. I liked the effect of the weed combined with the pill. I felt very relaxed but yet so alert. I took my shirt off and one friend told me that I was burning. I said that I know and I don’t care.

01:15 – The other 2 guys leave the apartment and there’s 2 of us left. Until about 3, 3:00am we socialized and enjoyed the music and then I went home, as I felt sleepy.

03:05 -At home I’m not sleepy anymore and at about 5am I’m trying to fall asleep but my mind is still active so I’m reading some experiences with piperazines on the internet because the drug stirred my interest. When I was trying to fall asleep my top body was feeling very comfortable but from time to time I was moving my legs, feeling that I couldn’t find my place. I was feeling very hungry but food wasn’t very enjoyable (not so bad as on MDMA though), so I took a few bites to calm down my stomach. The pill had a strong diuretic effect so I peed around 7 times in total during the night so I ate some salt and drank some water (read this on the internet), so my body could store some more of the liquid.

06:00 – I want to sleep so I take a Xanax (0.25mg)

06:40 – Still can’t fall asleep so I take 2 more Xanax and in about 10-15 minutes I fall asleep.
I woke up at 12:50. A would have slept more but I felt a powerful noise from outside. Surprisingly I felt very fresh, not sleepy at all and I didn’t look tired.
Around 2pm: - I still got some energy from the stimulant and I visited my friend again. Feeling sociable again. We had a beer and eventually smoked some more weed. I stayed around his apartment until about 9pm.

22:00 - I have a slight headache and I become aware that I ate almost nothing so I have a really good meal and I already feel better. I’m only feeling a little bit dizzy, but that’s all.
All in all I liked this drug and I would do it again. My conclusion is that this drug is not for taking it alone because it becomes really boring! I think it is perfect for socializing and for going in some travelling.


tssbh26 (member since July 26, 2014)

Sounds and looks vile. Would never of brought something like this, only gives more money to the idiots creating em. Support decent suppliers only not knobheads who'd give you this shit :D

August 30, 2016, 8:08 pm GMT

hooch07 (member since December 20, 2015)

pma is toxic you wally and that looks like shit wtf is wrong with you??

August 30, 2016, 8:24 pm GMT

rawdetawt (member since August 30, 2016)

@tssbh26 i got it from a guy who got it from a guy who might bought it from another guy. So it's not like i support one of the "knobheads". The pill was already bought.

@hooch07 i know pma is toxic, but like i said i enjoyed it because of the hallucinations. Plus, your life is in danger if you consume 2 or 3 pills at a time. People died because they popped many pills at once when they thought it's low quality E. I was careful when i did it. And about the toxicity: may the mdma be best to consume, but it is toxic too. We're talking about drugs. Thanks for your comment.

August 30, 2016, 9:37 pm GMT

smalltowncasual (member since December 25, 2015)

WOW!!! I wouldn't want to have it in my hand incase it burnt through my hand never mind eat the fucker!!! That's one sketchy looking pill mate!!

August 31, 2016, 9:21 pm GMT

bearlove2 (member since August 20, 2015)

Thanks for the report and the warning.

September 6, 2016, 7:22 am GMT

bubbleboy3000 (member since January 31, 2016)

eeeew. you actually ate that thing? fuck that. you could not pay me enough. todays pills look awesome. there is no excuse for this amateur shit.

September 20, 2016, 6:22 am GMT