Pill Report: Beige Split
Beige Split


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September 27, 2005
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We had these recently, were very charged and had slight feelings of euphoria and waves of rushes over 3 or 4 hours, all friends reported a great day/night on them.
Score/Split on 1 side only, domed more on split side, slightly domed on blank side, no bevels, lots of beige specks more white inside the pill, chemical smell and taste. Small score on side of pill on each one(not shown in crappy pic sorry, it is like a small weak score/line on the side of each1). Suspected contents=mda/mdma/meth maybe?
Suspected Contents

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js2k6 (member since June 30, 2006)

i got myself a few of these just the other week

first experience was on the thursday night
i had half a gram of very potent speed throughout the course of the day/night and i was already charging off that..
took this pill.. and about half an hour later i was getting some fuckin awesome eye wobbles.. i was running around all over the place. happy to chat with everyone (was like that before i dropped anyways... just made it moreso).

saturday night

i started off my night with 3 drinks and then decided id drop one of these,
felt some light rushes at first after abnout 25 mins
then about 45 mins into it i felt my legs go all tingly and i was movin around a lot on the spot
1hr 10 mins into it i reached a peak where i couldnt shut up, couldnt stop moving around and the eye wobbles hit pretty hard...
minor hallucinations with the lights, everything seemed to be really bright and the lights were moving, and peoples faces were not how they really looked. (hard to explain what this meant, i took notes on my phone lol)
1hr 30mins in i decided to go and hunt down another biki cos id used mine up.
got a green star and the night just got better from there...
my guess is these are mda possibly a bit of meth in there cos i had real difficulty sleeping on this.
but i say mda cos i dont usually have strong visuals on anything else, unless i take like 4 or 5.
these got me pretty off chops and i had an awesome night

gave my mate one of these on the thurs aswell.. his 2nd or 3rd time... absolutely loved it.. he was all over the shop, and both of us had maybe 1mm of iris, the rest all pupil.
scatteredness the next day was good, just apleasant feeling. almost felt like i was in a dream state, which is something else that mda always does to me.

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