Pill Report: Red Hearth - Coracao Vermelho
Red Hearth - Coracao Vermelho

Sao Paulo

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May 21, 2014
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Hearth shaped red pill with no logo on both sides. The pills is no homogenized and have small dots in diferent colors.
The 3 reagents that I have tested shows no reaction. The red color in the reagents is just the pill ink/tint.
Too much red ink/tint in this pill! Make your finger red when you get it. I suspect this is made to thick the tests.
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May 23, 2014
No logo
Dark red
Hearth shaped
Hard press
Suspected Contents
Tested Only
Mandelin Reagent
No Reaction
Marquis Reagent
No Reaction
Mecke Reagent
No Reaction


francomg (member since February 4, 2013)

Have you tried this pill or just tested it? It's strange that you say that there's no reaction cause I see different colours reactions in your 3 reagents kits? They show different reactions, red for Marquis and deep purple/black for Mecke and Mandelin.
Maybe there's little mdma in these pills, or something else. No reaction means no reaction and according to your testing results I would say there are some reaction for sure.

I also got a few of these pills last month, but they had a LOVE logo written in one side, but overall they look similar to your pills. My testing results are a bit different, when I used Marquis the testing results looked darker than when I used Mecke, yours is the other way around. Strange???

I'm not sure if my pills are good cause I've dropped them after I've eaten a strong mdma pill, pink canadian, so I must try the love pills out by itself so I can make a more accurate user report.
I guess my batch is different from yours since I have Love logo in one of the sides.

May 22, 2014, 1:26 pm GMT

testsp (member since March 17, 2014)

This is other batch than the pill with LOVE logo in low relief.
The red color in the reagents are just the pill tint/ink!

Uploaded a new picture!

For sure NO MDxx.

May 23, 2014, 3:33 am GMT

riffraff (member since February 12, 2014)

These pills are ridiculous. I had one last week and they absolutely suck!!! No MDMA on them for sure, just another piece of garbage manufatured in local brazilian labs. Stupid criminals are ruining our vibe, selling this crap as ecstasy. It is not even another batch of the LOVE imprinted pills, it is a imitation of those made in the same format to fool buyers. Fuck the brazillian criminal scum!! You desserve the shit life you have!!!

May 23, 2014, 2:36 pm GMT

francomg (member since February 4, 2013)

Well, that really sucks!!!! Brazil has been suffering a lot with fake ecstasy pills these last years. Until 2005 we only got good stuff in Brazil, very good and strong mdma pills like Charada (ridler), Orbital, Mitsubishi, Green Puma among others, but these last years have been terrible, lots of fake stuff that copycat that very good pills from the past.
That's why I bought a testing reagent kit and I won't be doing ecstasy that fails my tests anymore?
Unfortunatelly in BraZil the education has been an issue and 99% of brazilian ravers don't even know what's a testing kit and don't even wanna know whats inside their pills. Most of them don't even know whats mdma, piperazines, amphetamines, among other drugs. They don't care whats inside their pills unlike europeans, americans, australians and other educated people. Only cocaine and weed are more well known in this country unfortunately that's our reality and I've been a raver since 2000, so I know what I am talking about.

May 23, 2014, 3:13 pm GMT

francomg (member since February 4, 2013)

Hey, take a look at this link: http://www.pillreports.com/index.php?page=display_pill&id=33355

This is my report from the Love pills I got in Sao Paulo a few weeks ago.
The testing results are not similar to other mdma pills I tested using Marquis and Mecke reagents which always showed me a very dark colour, black,(I don't have mandelin and Simons reagents).
When I tested my Love pills, Marquis shows a dark colour that makes me think this pill has some mdma, but it's not very dark and after a 10-15 hours, the dark colour changes to red. Mecke doesn't even gets too dark, just a darker purple, and not as dark as Marquis reagent, and also after a few hours it changes to a red colour.

I am not sure if my love pills are fake, cause I've only tried them after dropping other mdma pills which were previously tested, so its hard to tell. Anyway, I know they don't have piperazines or other bad chemicals, cause I had no hangovers at all. Anyway my Love pills are a different batch from yours since they have the word Love in low relief printed in one side, the other side doesn't.

Just to let you know, since my testing results are also strange with these pills, the reagents don't show a black colour.

May 23, 2014, 3:24 pm GMT

riffraff (member since February 12, 2014)

Francomg, i read your test reports and all of them are awesome! I am also happy to see that someone else is aware of the huge issue we are having with the E in Brazil.
Our current generation of "ravers" can't even identify the feeling of E because they never felt it, it is a sad state of affairs. I can positively tell you that the LOVE pill from your other report is not the same as this one. That other one has at least some MDMA/MDA on it. This is a copycat pill manufactured locally and being sold to unsuspecting kids. As you said before, they simply walk up to a dealer and ask for a "bala" without considering the contentes of the pill, sometimes, it is just cocaine pressed with caffeine. Anyway, thank you a lot for the reports.....

May 23, 2014, 4:40 pm GMT

francomg (member since February 4, 2013)

You are more than welcome riffraff. I hope there are more brazilians aware of the fake E industry in Brazil.
I was lucky to have received my testing kit reagents (Marquis and Mecke), cause Brazil Postal Service and Customs are doing a terrible job to deliver international mails, specially if they come from America. It took me 90 days to receive my Dancesafe testing kits. Unbelievable??? Not in Brazil unfortunately..
Next time I'll order my kits from Australia, cause China and America are in the brazlian custom's black list and they are holding packages up to 90-100 days.

BTW, the best pill I've seen in Brazil these last 2 years are red canadian maple leaf (canadense rosa) and the original Orbital (orbital roxa), the original, not the many copycats we find everyday that are fake and contain nasty piperazines!!!

May 23, 2014, 7:09 pm GMT

stayhealthy970 (member since September 1, 2012)

Thanks 4 the warning / testing

June 4, 2014, 1:29 am GMT