Pill Report: Anubis

México, D.F

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June 17, 2013
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One Side has Egyptian God Anubis, and on the other side the word ANUBIS

Not tested. Still I am figuring out where to get one of those reagent testing kits here in México, not sure if i can buy it online and ship them to here. Help will be appreciated; we are getting tons of crapy pills here in México lately.
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June 17, 2013
Egyptian God Anubis (head)
White yellowish
Suspected Contents
MDxx Medium
User Report

I took these beans with a friend in his house, about 2 mouths ago

Setting: A quite and comfortable house, good music, beer & tons of weed.

(Estimated time)

8.15pm.- Arrived at my friends house. We ate the "Anubis", (only 1, each) then smoked some weed, while watching "Dead Presidents".

9pm.- feeling weird, these fuckers are kicking

9.20.- Some nausea, feelings of (throwing up); I tried to hold it as much as i could.

9.30.- In the bathroom throwing up
(i usually don't eat before rolling, so everything was fluid; my hope was, that most of the pill was already being metabolized in my body)

9.40.- Feeling great, no more nausea or sickness, everything is ok, the pill is getting harder and harder.

10.30pm.- Both; my friend and i, are overloaded by a great euphoria, intense peaking, we literally crumbled on the coach, strong body load.

11pm - 2am.-
In +++ (Shulgin Rating Scale) It was strong but not overwhelming. All the trip was enjoyable, nice conversations, lots of inner thoughts. Nice visuals, and psychedelic shapes and forms when i closed my eyes; some lsd feeling. Music was great, beer & joints made it perfect. We chatted, without moving from our places, it was so comfortable.

2.30am.- Coming Down, we finished all beers.

3.-Went to home to sleep like a baby, no problems with tachycardia, no jaw clenching, no headache, no sickness in body, weird dreams but next morning i was full restored.

I guess this is MDA; But i cannot be sure, a very good pill for those who live in México/ Distrito Federal.

These and the A/X pill (Purple, Cross Pressed in the Back) are in my opinion one of the cleanest pills of the area.

Hope to get a kit soon, to make better reports.

Espero esto le pueda ser de ayuda a algún compadre tachero jajajajjajajaj =). Ojo con los Piperazine`s mucha mierda últimamente.



rebo12 (member since March 2, 2013)

The Pic looks too yellowish, real color its white yellowish --> kind of creamy.

June 17, 2013, 12:52 am GMT

facedbeyond (Moderator)

its great to see a report from mexico. thanks man. hopefully other members from MX can chime in and tell the OP if its ok to get kits shipped to him. i know the police can be pretty rough down there & id hate to have you labeled as an ecstasy dealer just bcuz you bought some reagents.

June 17, 2013, 3:08 pm GMT

fritocps (member since April 1, 2013)

Great report. Although, imho, there should be a place in North America session fo Mexico. Or the south america region should be replaced to Latin America.

June 19, 2013, 8:55 pm GMT

pillington13 (member since September 2, 2013)

get the kit it changed my party life !!!

September 2, 2013, 2:19 am GMT