Pill Report: Blue Batman Pokeball (Copycat)
Blue Batman Pokeball (Copycat)


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July 28, 2011
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OOOOKay these are a bit interesting..theyre blue but parts of the pill have purple on it..some almost half half. its like someone sprayed the dye on the pills.

These are identical to the purple ones in everyway expect the color part. when scrapped the inside was moist but the coolest/weirdest thing was that the inside of the pill was purple!(pic below)


**was small kine rushing so not my neatest work. apologies.**

Mecke - instant specs of green. 15secs specs of dark green. 30secs specs starting to turn the puddle dark green/blue. 45secs puddle dark green/blue. 1min dark green/blue/black. 1min 30secs puddle almost full black. 2min puddle is black.

Simons- 5secs small swirls of blue. 20secs puddle starting to turn blue/purple. 1min pronounced blue/purp. 1min 30secs puddle full blue/purple.

Marquis - specs of light brown. 20secs medium brown with slight fizzing noted. 45secs dark brown. 1min dark brown with hint of purple. 1min 30secs puddle dark brown/purple. 2min puddle is dark brown/purple/black.

pretty much the same as the purple ones. test results are almost identical. again i really feel binder/filler plays a roll in the time reaction. anyways thats my two cents.

these were consumed and i had a blast but other drugs were consumed also. Aloha.
Last Update
July 28, 2011
Batman W/ Poke Stamp
Circular With Domed Sides
6.0 mm
8.0 mm
Suspected Contents
MDxx and Amphetamine
Tested Only
Marquis Reagent
Mecke Reagent
Simons Reagent


facedbeyond (Moderator)

damn, these are speedy forreal huh? did you get eye wiggles? most importantly, did u have trouble sleeping?

July 28, 2011, 5:35 am GMT

happyland (member since February 1, 2010)

i hate to lable it as amp but every time i dont ppl argue due to the brown in marquis..so i labled it amp. dont recall any speediness but then again dont remember much of my night. three hrs are missing but once we got back to my friends place we all just chilled, got light shows and smoked some weed. we were all floored and ended up talking for a while. smoked a little crack and i went back to my headphones.

i rarely ever get eye wiggles and never had them this time. as for sleep i may have gotten a few hrs but im the type to stay up till the end. keep in mind we didnt take it till around mid night. one friend slept real well while the other werent to sure if they really slept or not. felt pretty good the next day, normally im in zombie mode. oh and i took 2.5 and everyone else took atleast 1. sorry for the confusing answer..

July 28, 2011, 5:47 am GMT

rollnpeace (Moderator)

thanks for testing. can we get a full user report? When you say other drugs were consumed, what else did u take?

July 28, 2011, 7:10 am GMT

happyland (member since February 1, 2010)

np. alocohol and crack cocaine. if its okay with you ill post one but i kinda blacked out and dont got much details..

July 28, 2011, 7:36 am GMT

tripsetter (member since June 16, 2011)

@happyland crack and E to me that is a disgrace! E is for feeling love for everyone and everything and crack is for smoking behind a dumpster with a stinking ass homeless bum!! Please never mix the two again. PLUR

July 28, 2011, 5:18 pm GMT

justdoit913 (member since October 6, 2009)

Thanks for testing! Glad to hear you had a Good Time!

July 28, 2011, 5:21 pm GMT

facedbeyond (Moderator)

"smoked a little crack and i went back to my headphones" this is hilarious. id never mix the two, but i aint mad at ya for it. some ppl like to party different than i do. its not the end of the world imo. alot of my friends IV mdma and i get shit for that, but wtf, thats their preference.....o well.

July 28, 2011, 7:56 pm GMT

all0y (member since January 11, 2010)

you guys can be so ridiculous sometimes, don't talk shit about another persons drug preference just because you aren't down with that. I smoke crystal meth throughout the week... and if you said shit to me about my use I'd deck you square in the face. You say PLUR at the end of your comment but you displayed no PEACE, no LOVE, no UNITY or RESPECT. In fact you showed the opposite of these... you tried starting shit with somebody, you obviously weren't showin' love, there was nothing uniting about your comment and you definitely didn't respect this man's personal preference. While it is against the rules to post a mixed report ... there are multiple ways of saying that it's not allowed without attempting to anger somebody else based on their personal preference. I don't smoke crack, I smoke twack -- but that doesn't mean I can't respect this man's preference. Please understand that next time. Other then that great report, I really appreciate you reporting for your region on pillreports -- ignore these selfless comments please I'm glad you didn't get piped or non-active.

July 28, 2011, 8:51 pm GMT

happyland (member since February 1, 2010)

lol i love you guys! wasnt straight crack, it was mixed with weed if that helps lol. some say amp will over power mdxx but it didnt in this case. if the mods are cool with me writing a report i will but it wont have much details.

as for crack being a disgrace..i guess things are different here in hawaii, alot of ppl like smoking it with buds. when i was living in cali and i said i smoked crack everyone would trip out like its taboo. no hard feelings :) i respect your opinion

July 28, 2011, 9:42 pm GMT

tripsetter (member since June 16, 2011)

I'm not showing disrespect. I'm showing respect for drug that I believe deserves it. When getting as high as you can became the theme at EDM events is when it all went to shit. That is all I'm saying. I could rant for half a page and threaten people, but I wouldn't stoop to that level.

July 28, 2011, 9:56 pm GMT

all0y (member since January 11, 2010)

I smoke meth, so I tend to rant half a page and stoop to that level, guy.

July 28, 2011, 10:50 pm GMT

facedbeyond (Moderator)

@happyland: trust bro, ive been there! in the Chi, we call 'em "mack blunts" when we mix bud & rocks in a blunt. i havent done it in at least 10 years, but its not like your a nutbar for smoking a lil hard. but just be aware that mdma is an amphetamine analogue, which is a stimulant, so when you add another STRONG stimulant(rock) to mdma, it may cause a rapid heart rate and a panic attack. be careful mane!!!!

July 29, 2011, 5:55 am GMT

happyland (member since February 1, 2010)

Mack blunts eh? We call it premo's down here or atleast with my friends. Thanks for your concerns :) im well aware of the dangers of mixing diff drugs and if it helps we had a sober person with us.

July 30, 2011, 1:15 am GMT

devorzon (member since September 10, 2010)

I sent these exact same pills to ecstasydata. tested as 1 to 1 caffeine/mdma. I believe its a very low amount of mdma though, takes about four pills at once to feel good. 1 pill isn't even noticeable, two barely noticeable.

July 30, 2011, 12:33 pm GMT

facedbeyond (Moderator)

haha, ya....a "primo" is powder cocaine in a joint (or cigarrette) around here.... we are like 5,000 miles away from eachother, so its no surprise the slang is different. what happened to your purple batman report? did they delete it?

July 30, 2011, 5:23 pm GMT

happyland (member since February 1, 2010)

Thats a trip you guys call it primos even tho its coke. We call coke on buds coco puffs lol. As for the purple report, I think they did or I might of accidently deleted it..ahh who knows

August 1, 2011, 12:17 am GMT

umfree14 (member since March 9, 2011)

yah when i lived in philly primos be the soft and buds.

August 26, 2011, 4:31 pm GMT