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September 27, 2005
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double stacked, no score on the back, very light baby blue and white swirls, heart logo imprinted on the pill, with the word LOVE printed inside the heart. crumbled a bit when cut. now my roll on this pill was pretty bad, i rated the pill an 8 though because it was a clean, strong pill. let me explain this a bit later. took half at 10 pm. i was in a really anxious mood at the time, waiting for friends that were supposed to call to come over. the pill started to kick in about 45 min to an hour later. i started to feel rushy, then more rushy... the speedy feeling kept increasing. it wasn't a huge overwhelming come up like when some pills just hit you suddenly. this was gradual, but the speediness kept getting faster. my whole body was buzzing, i got this strange head buzz, in the front of my brain. felt somewhat like a severe headache combined with a feeling like i drank too much coffee. this feeling lasted throughout the entire roll. my boyfriend and i took the same pill. we dosed another half, an hour and a half later, then took another half a few hours after that. i shouldn't have taken more, but i thought it was just the anxious mood i was in, and i'd feel better a bit later. my stomach hurt most of the night as well, lots of cramping, gas, bloating, and i kept having to run to the bathroom. i just thought it was something i ate earlier that wasn't agreeing with me. i felt quite nauseous as well, extremely dizzy and light headed, somewhat disoriented, distant, and detached. i was also burning up, my skin felt like it was on fire, and i was very very hot to the touch. i thought i was getting a fever, my heart was racing so fast and i kept feeling like i was going to pass out. i drank more water for fear of overheating and dehydrating. i wasn't dancing or anything, my boyfriend and i were just hanging out at his place. i couldn't sit inside, i had to stand out on the balcony because i was so warm. i kept putting water on myself to cool down. i was so rushy feeling that i kept having to move around, we went for a few walks, and i was extremely talkative. my eyes were not that dilated at all. i had a bit of jaw clenching. the whole time i was thinking maybe i just ate something bad and was feeling sick, or it was from lack of sleep, or i was just anxious waiting for my friends to call. my boyfriend kept saying he felt amazing, and he was feeling a very strong sense of physical euphoria. i had no euphoria whatsoever, no empathic feelings at all. i was thinking it could have been a bad pill, or had been cut with something else. but it wasn't bad, because my boyfriend was really enjoying it, and other friends that tried it said they were awesome. we rolled pretty hard from 11 pm when it kicked in, till around 7 am. in total i took 1 and a half pills throughout the night, and my boyfriend did 2. it wasn't until we started to have sex, that i realized something wasn't right. i couldn't feel anything, no pleasure, my body was totally numb. i tried to pinch my arm and i couldn't feel any pain either. i suddenly realized that this was the exact same experience i had with the green strawberries (i wrote a report on these back in may). it occured to me these pills, as well as the green strawberries perhaps have a large amount of MDA in them. this is only the second time i've had this reaction, i didn't realize that some people could have a bad roll from MDA. i am an experienced ecstacy user, and have tried many different pills, although i must have never had ones with MDA in them, or such a large amount of MDA. i had an extremely negative reaction. i had thought they were cut with some other drug, because i never reacted to ecstacy like this before. my boyfriend had a great time with these pills, and as well with the green strawberries, i heard from everyone that they were amazing. i didn't understand why i reacted so badly, but now i know my body does not like MDA at all. it was upsetting to have such a bad roll, although these pills were nice and strong, not as strong as the green strawberries, but probably a few notches down. i rated them an 8, not because of the experience i had with them, but for the pill itself, i believe others would like them. my boyfriend thought they were great pills, and had a good roll on them. he'll probably be writing a report on them soon. i'd be careful if you don't know if you react badly to MDA, but if you have good rolls on MDA i think you'd really like these ones. they are very rushy, and clean. the comedown was very sharp and hard, one moment you are still rolling, the next you are crashing pretty fast. there is virtually no hangover, which was nice, it's funny cause it's the opposite when i'm on mdma. felt a little tired, slighty drained but not too badly. as the drug wore off i felt pretty sober, and calm. the weird head buzz finally went away and i felt normal again. felt a little drowsy, but i had a bit of a hard time sleeping. mild sketchiness, but i found the after effects to be much less than if i were on a mdma pill. has anyone else tried these pills yet? i would also like to know if anyone has had a similar negative reaction to MDA in pills?
Heart with Love printed inside
Light Baby Blue and White
Suspected Contents

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