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Red CK

North Island

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September 22, 2010
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Red Ck with small white spots in the inside. Crumbles easily when broken.
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September 22, 2010
Red with small white spots
Hard press
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Piperazine + Another
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After doing a bit of reseach on this site, my experience was what I had expected from the Red CK's, which was that they were not infact anything like an mdma experience, but rather had a strange spaced out feeling when taken. (previous reports that had done testing suggested a high opiate content) See:

This was exactly the case, and from experience felt like some type of BZP derivative. It didn't quite have the warm blanketed feel of any opiate, so Im sceptical if the report that said they had been tested for opiates is true.

This wasn't really an enjoyable experience either, and although not overwhelimg or uncomfortable, I don't think I would ever take one again. Sleep was difficult and the next day feels like youve had a high dose of BZP the night before.

Considering the high price of pills here in new zealand, I think you could consider these a huge rip off. Avoid at all costs.


seith (member since December 21, 2008)

Thanks for the warning, not a lot of reports for NZ. Seems the only thing you are able to get over there in pills is a mixture of research chemicals.

Seith -Mod

September 22, 2010, 11:06 am GMT

misteee (member since June 13, 2008)

nice report....
altho, shit!! if someone told me they had ck's id tell them where to go quick smart.
looks like the drought has hit new zealand as hard as us....

September 22, 2010, 1:05 pm GMT

just1fix (member since October 2, 2008)

last mdma pil I had in NZ was early 2008, think they were the old hearts. Now all you can count on is alcohol and meth...

police have shot themselves in the foot a bit really if the only shit thats left in the country is the ones that are highly addictive and/or have the highest social cost lol.

Time to head to europe again!

September 30, 2010, 3:27 am GMT

tripnowt (member since May 23, 2010)

Rubbish pills that you dont want to waste your money on. Swim railed a 1/2 before a dnb gig and chewed the other half inside. Felt a very small buzz coming up but nothing ever happend! Felt a bit like BZP with a bunch of other shite in it.
Cheers =)

December 28, 2010, 9:16 am GMT

candymannz (member since March 7, 2011)

shit az crumbly and damp sticks to everything whoevers making them should get a head stomping dont buy them

March 7, 2011, 2:23 am GMT

skarfiez (member since November 25, 2011)

most of the ck's going round orange red purple are bzp and meth. doesnt do shit when ingested but you can smoke it and it gets you fried haha

November 25, 2011, 6:44 pm GMT