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buenos aires argentina

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December 13, 2009
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humid pill, soft and easy bending, looks like a "paste" -after i accidentally pressed it it turned into a paste- other pills dont have the same behavior- in comparison with other pills this one looks very homemade, after having it well stored in the same place with other pills this one looks soft and wet.

pildora humeda, blanda, se me aplasto facil, estuvo bien almacenada junto a otras pastis y esta agarro estado de pasta blanda al toque. la aprete un poco de mas en una bolsita y se transformo en una pasta rosada deforme.

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December 13, 2009
Rolex crown
Roja red
Humeda y blanda - wet pill easy crumble
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MDxx Medium
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I took first half a pill to check it.
It was aproved for an entire pill experience. With one pill i started yawning 40 minuts after taking it. the trip started, i was deeply into some kind of cloud of peace and calm. no euphoria... No amphetamine felt, no pulling teeth. after 6 hours sleeping like a baby...

day after i have headhache not very strong but i can feel it , not nice and makes me remember of piperazine disgusting pills i took. The first test i did was to take half a pill wich didnt give me no headache.

Tome primero media para ver si no estaban envenenadas y pase despues a la ingesta de 1 entera. la experiencia fue linda, empece a bostezar 40 min despues de tomarla, el viaje subio con bostesos y mucha tranquilidad, calma, ganas de bailar, no percibi anfetaminas de ningun tipo, me fui a dormir como bebe unas 6 horas despues de tomarla.

dia despues me duele la cabeza.
me hace acordar a las piperazinas (tiburones con Mccp) ese efecto dolor de cabeza... la primera ingesta sin embargo, media pasti, no me hizo doler la cabeza y al otro dia estaba como nuevo.

no me tomaria dos por este efecto secundario. sin embargo me siento bien, quizas el tabaco en exceso y la cantidad de tierra que habia me da ese dolorcito de cabeza...hace falta testiarla con reactivos.

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This report is a bit confusing for me as it states NO euphoria and next day headache (similar to piperazine experience?). Some details may have been lost during translation? OP should this have a warning? Do you still suspect MDMA?

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December 18, 2009, 11:03 am GMT