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September 27, 2005
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sorry this is my first report, but yea bare with me =D....First time i tried these...took 1 pill at home around 12am...started to get buzzy feeeling around 12:30..it hit me around 12:45..had a lot of eye wobbles and few jaw clenches...peaked for a good 2.5hrz...one of the best peak i hav had in a while...probably be better if i was in a different environment =D come down was clean..had a good sleep...and the best thing i didn't get any scatt...

Sorry there isn't much info, just giving an idea how it was...=D but details is similar as the one b4 mine =D
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happemunchkin (member since October 4, 2005)

Had only half of one of these, and man was it intense. i think people should be warned about these lollies. i was on the verge of passing out and i had to sit down immediately. My partner and friends couldnt believe the state that i was in. One eye fully shut and the other half opened rolled back and the bottom part of my lip was so far out in front of my mouth that it could have easily been used as a drink holder. They had other pills and could not believe what half of one of these little beasts had done to me. But, F***, WHAT AN AWESOME FEELING!!!! Was peaking for a good 2.5 - 3hrs. Extreme eye wobbles and some hallucinations. Was very hard to stand up and needed to sit down. Didnt feel any nausea which is always a plus, for once. When the smakiness left was quite charged up and happy as Larry! Felt nice and clean and was able to eat and fall asleep. If i ever do a whole one i will report back. But i doubt it.

October 4, 2005, 5:43 am GMT