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September 27, 2005
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Basically i have entered this, my fist posting because i am concerned with what i have just read. There are several reports here that claim these pills are ok, and they are suspected to be mdma, one stating they had seen a lab test for these pills which was 70 mg. Ok ive been doing pills for about 6 yrs, and have done them in many many countries. Me and my friends have had these pills on several occasions and they like the majority of pills in london are pathetic. There is a reason pure mdma, ie crystal, is so expensive, beacaus mdma is still an expensive drug. Thers pills along with many others are so cheap beacause they contain substances, in small doses thankfully, that feel similar to thats of mdma/mda/mde, but are actually very different... I know that testing kits are fairly acuurate, but let me assure you they can be tricked. Many substances will give you a black/purple reaction, and the use of multiple substances decreases the chance of an accurate reading. These pills did not feel remotely like mdma, maybe mda as they was a very trippy, heavy eyed feel to them, but no happyness, or loved up feeling accomanied this. Mdma even in massive dodes is mildy hallucinogenic. DXM, Meth, the 2cb family and many other substancesd are, and let me tell you on good authority, most pills here are not coming from the netherlands like in recent years, they are being made right here, and when a pill costs 2 pounds, the most mdma you can really hope to get is about just enough to turn a tester black, not enough to roll.
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