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September 27, 2005
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pillreports v1
I wish I took a picture of these, but I wasnt planning a pill report. These pills were absolute shit. My boyfriend and I took one around 11pm. Started to feel a bit funky at 12. It felt like I was going to come up, but it never really happened. I felt really tired and unmotivated to do anything. Legs were like bricks. During this time we drank a few beers and played cards. I want to say that there was a tiny bit of mdma in these, but definitely something else too, who knows. It just felt very sketchy. For some stupid reason we took another pill around 1am hoping it would work. Basically all I got off these was a really bad body load and messed up vision. No loving feelings, no chattiness. And I want to note that my body temp control was all sorts of screwed up. I would go in the bedroom with the ac cranked and my skin felt like it was burning, I could feel the heat radiating off me. I tried to take a walk even though I didnt feel like it, hallucinated a bit and went back in. Finally I was just so tired and pissed off I went to sleep at around 3:30. I could never do that after taking mdma. But then after sleeping an hour I tossed and turned all night. I really wish I could pinpoint what was in these. Ive pretty much always had decent pills in the past, nothing like these and I've probably taken hundreds in the past. I suspect dxm but I cant say for sure. I wish I still had a test kit but I hardly take pills anymore. If anyone has tested these, please post a comment, I cant seem to find anything about them on any testing site. And stay away from these if you come across them.
Lips imprinted
Off white
Round, score on back
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