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September 27, 2005
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pillreports v1
Logo:Indented Peace symbol, well pressed, symbol slightly to the left of centre (a bit like me)

Colour:Very pale light green, pastel

Score:full length rounded score on back side.

Bevel:very slight step to rounded pill face on back, same but almost unseeable on front.

Dimensions:standard 8*4mm

Texture/press quailty:Very well pressed, not crumbley, all perfect no chips. These are from same press as blue snowflakes and NY

Smell:typical pill smell not very strong but noticeable (im a smoker)

Tastse:bitter chemical, tingled on the tounge, not nice so i washed it down pretty quick.

Sorry for no pic or test but i CANNOT get photos from my camera under 600k, im not good with photoshop so gave up. Ate pill before tested but will test and update if i get more.

Effects: dropped at 10:30, got tingles about 15min later and thought, oh this is going to be good, effects after 35mins and peak started at 1hr after ingestion. Very nice loved up, bit chargey good for a dance. then came the eye wobbles and leg wobbles, could still dance but didnt feel totaly coordinated. lasted a good 3hrs from ingestion till i noticed i wasnt peaking as hard, peak was 2- 2.5hrs not super stropng but nice. effects stayed on for another 2 hrs then started coming down, dropped a snowflake an started it all up again. standard comedown/next day blues, not bad but noticable. Will purchase and comsume again, reasonable value. Im thinking a nice dose of mdma and maybe a bit of mda, due to effects and fact that they are same press as snowflakes,a nice mda pill.

Peace symbol
Light green
Suspected Contents

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thizzxx (member since April 23, 2010)

Do they look like these?

May 8, 2010, 7:28 pm GMT