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March 30, 2008
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pussy in a well
No score on the back, the star shape is similar to a pentagram or the Star of David but five-sided instead. I will get a photo up when I find my USB connection for my camera.
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We had a house party last night where we acquired several of these buggers. These pills were quite good. We (5 of us) necked a half at first, probably around 11 pm. Within 45 minutes we started feeling the tingly, buzzy feeling, I saw that my mates' pupils were starting to dialate. Everyone agreed they were a good start. These pills came on STRONG, but they weren't really smacky at all. We took the second half around 145 am, and we had a fantasic time dancing around the house, chatting with people, etc. Bear in mind, however, we didn't go out to the clubs so not sure how they'd be in that sort of environment; our party was much more chilled out than your average Saturday night at the bar. Great time though, if you can get your hands on some they're worth it. Comedown isn't bad at all; just a little tired. You can definitely get to sleep after taking these. I'm a person of small stature and I took 1 1/2 pills, which was probably more than i would have needed. As for the effects, you definitely get the tingly, chatty, loved up feeling that MDxx's can provide, but something else I noticed myself is I often was shivering though i wasn't cold, and my extremites felt like they weren't completely in my control, which could be a cause for concern on the dance floor. Does anyone know what may cause those effects? I've not had those sorts of effects with my experiences, which are limited over the last 3 years or so. All in all though, they were very good.


westaucks (member since May 17, 2006)

My ex gf used to get the jitters all the time off x. I personally think it was caused by her poor diet (lack of magnesium), though I may be wrong.

March 30, 2008, 10:21 am GMT

onesweetguy (member since July 7, 2007)

These are quite good, i decent dose of mdma and a bit of katimine in these as well i suspect from previous experiance. Similar buzz to nakid ladies and choppers, not as good, but quite good.

June 18, 2008, 9:58 am GMT

treyewing3 (member since January 3, 2010)

the jitters is from the stuff in the x. what it is, is when you take x it locks onto your nerve transmitters. well your body when your shooting nerve signals it doesnt want to release it like it normaly does. same concept for your jaw. thats why you clinch your jaw shut.

January 3, 2010, 1:03 am GMT