Pill Report: Green/Yellow Apple Mac
Green/Yellow Apple Mac


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September 27, 2005
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Shape: round, slight bevel front and back

Size: 8.5mm by 4mm

Colour: Consistant colour throughout pill. Half way between a very light green and a very light yellow.

Logo: Apple Mac Company logo

Texture: Very firm press. Is slightly glossy. Will not crush without excessive force.

Have not eaten this pill yet, Could anybody help clarify how strong these pills are? I would like to have a little more info on them before i drop

Edit: I know Enlighten has done a great report these, but as they test so many pills in a rave setting, they can't provide anything but a picture, description and a test result indicating that a MD substance is in the pill. After the pill has been consumed I can give a description of the effects, making this report more valuable.

Edit 2: Tonight i took one of these so i can add a user opinon on them. 20 mins after a single dose effects started, gradual comeup and a nice peak, not overly intense though. stayed at the same level for an hour and a bit. This is a long time for me, due to past pill abuse( less is really more when it comes to pills) this seems to be the longest i get these days, even though I drop now just once every two months. These were good pills. They gave me slight eye and jaw movements, a good rush as i was coming up and a really nice peak. Throughout the peak and after effects the feeling was coming in waves. I mean you could allways feel it but it became more intense at times and less intense at others.

Thanks Bigstar for ur coments, I agree these are nice pills. I also think that they are better then the Rn's (The comedown is 90% mental IMO), and on par with what would be considered a good pill.

Also, there is not much love on this site at the moment. Hopefully this will change and some of the old timers will start posting again, they have the most informed views and great posting techniquie.
Apple Mac
Lime Green/ Yellow
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tenuousandpale (member since January 7, 2006)

I was with my friends, and we all took blue scorpions. However, there was one of these given to us. This fucked her up. I suspect there was some speed or some meth in it.

January 8, 2006, 8:41 pm GMT

itzkr1s (member since May 28, 2006)

i definately think there's somethin else in these pillz .. maybe i took too many but if i hadn't the high wasn't even that great. very quick peak and dropped very fast. took 3 pillz to really start rollin and comedown was disgusting.

June 3, 2006, 8:41 pm GMT

stillrollin (member since February 23, 2008)

Horrible pingers! Dont waste ur money!! Come Down is a shocker!

February 26, 2008, 5:28 am GMT