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Rio de Janeiro

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September 23, 2018
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waves of synesthesia
I only had 3/4 of a pill, hence the broken pill in the picture. It seems greyish in the picture but it was lilac throughout, with no other colours. The pill was well pressed and quit hard to break, but when it did break it did not shatter.
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September 23, 2018
Michael Jordan (Air Jordan)
Smooth, homogenous and hard
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T+000: took the pill on a full stomach - very bitter flavour
T+120: Effects finally start to kick in, I feel a tingling sensation in my legs. My vision is altered, it seems like I am in a movie, objects in motion seem unusual.
T+130: tingling sensation intensifies, the sensation makes me panicky and I need to breathe deeply and calm myself. No euphoria at this point, only anxiety.
T+135: I convince myself that I had ketamine, I feel like I am floating and I feel numbness in my extremities.
T+150: Tingling sensation is intense at this point, I lay down to relax. Waves of euphoria crash through my body. The tingling sensation now feels extremely pleasurable.
T+160: I remain in bed - I feel energetic but also feel such a strong relaxation in my body that I can't really move at all. Even though I felt numb previously, at this point I didn't.
T+180: I finally decide to get up and drink some water (4 cups in 20 mins - my thirst did not subside). As I move around I feel very strong waves of pleasure hitting me but also feel normal sometimes.
T+200: I feel a strong urge to share my love with my intimate friends, every wave of pleasure reassures me even more that everything is perfect right now
T+210: euphoria is less intense, I procede to hear some music and dance in the dark - the music sounded interestingly different, dancing was just beautiful.
T+240: Back to baseline

I am pretty sure what I took was methylone based on the short duration of my role and the effects being similar to what I have read mdma is supposed to feel like. This was my first time taking ecstasy so I might be completely wrong.

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