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Red Superman/ Red Monkey

Lancaster, CA

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August 12, 2018
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Multi colored speckles, superman has split line on backside
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August 12, 2018
Superman (shield)/ monkey (paul frank)
Shield (diamond)/ Round
Smooth/ chalkey
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MDxx High
User Report

This report is for two pills because I got a mixed bag this time around.

Red Superman:
The pill seemed chalky, multiple colored specks make it hard to distinguish logo. Reverse side has a split.
9:30pm- Me and my wife split the pill. It split easily and uniform. Consumed with apple juice.
9:45pm- feeling stomach turns, roll up good herbs to settle the mind.
Red Monkey (Paul Frank)
10:15pm- feeling a nice lovey sensation, split the monkey pill and smoked some more broccoli.
10:30pm- Felt great during blunt rolled a second back to back. Music is amazing minor jaw clenching kicking in.
10:45pm- Feels like a clean pill both very happy. We pour a little brandy and coke and put on "Snatch"
11:00pm- feeling full effect of the mdxx, jaw clenching, eye wiggled, body and mind buzz, waves of euphoria kicking in.
11:30pm- feeling over the moon very empathetic to everything, wanna run around hugging bums lol worries about new source and pills washed away. Just swimming in a wave of euphoria feeling as though life had paused and all problems were thrown away. Very content about life. Great experience
12:30-lay down and have deep conversation with my wife getting much needed emotions out, feeling so deep in tune with our love

The rest is xxx rated but I will say that the overall experience is a 10/10 in my book. Its been a while since we rolled but it was amazing and perfect in everyway I'm going to stock up and plan on using em with my wife once or twice a month, day after everything was blissful. Love is undeniably stronger and life is perfect the experience was therapeutic af

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