Pill Report: Smiley

Brazil - South

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January 31, 2015
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Hard pressed, well done tablet.

They come only in yellow with a clear smiley face on top.
5.0 mm
8.0 mm
Suspected Contents
MDxx High
User Report

Come up is smooth and easy. Clean MDMA high with no adulterants. Lasts just long enough. Comedown is slow and easy. No bad after effects. Just what you would expect of a top quality MDMA tablet. Feels like this came from straight the 80’s.


stayhealthy970 (member since September 1, 2012)

Thanks for the report

Glad to see a other moderator in this section !!! :)

u don't have a test kit anymore?

Your old reports were the best!

February 2, 2015, 1:42 pm GMT

sugarcube (Moderator)

Hi! I don't think we ever had any real adulterants in Brazil so far. The harshest one was piperazine around 2010 plus a few metyhlones last year. We mostly have MDMA or MDxx+Amps tablets, hard to distinguish with test kits, even with Mandalin. So I don't really bother reagent testing them anymore.

I wish I could do a chromatography test, but unfortunately I don't have any friends at the lab anymore. Maybe sometime in the future : )

I too follow your reports, you do a great job! It's curious to see that some of the stuff you guys have, also shows up in here. I guess they travel quite a lot around the world hah

February 2, 2015, 8:22 pm GMT

poauk (member since September 12, 2010)

Hi guys! I tested this pill with MARQUIS and test was STRAIGHT BLACK. I was concern as there was no purple, just a solid black reaction really fast. My friends tried it and said it was a amazing pill. I feel more confident now.
Could anyone help me with the marquis result? Is this normal straight black?

Peace and love.

February 4, 2015, 8:38 pm GMT

stayhealthy970 (member since September 1, 2012)

Yup that's normal .

Normally the faster it goes to black the better but not always.

Does it have a tint of purple when spread out alil?

February 5, 2015, 2:20 am GMT

poauk (member since September 12, 2010)

I will repeat the test, but as far as I could remember it went to black straight when the pill sample touched the liquid. I remember when I I shaked to see if there was another colour, it was more like a "watery black- greyeesh", but I am almost sure it was not a "grey" like dxm, the problem it's this tubes are so small and comes with so little marquis...in can say it was very black.

February 5, 2015, 7:08 pm GMT

crazyboy12 (member since February 11, 2015)

good pill , I am from the south and I can confirm .

February 11, 2015, 6:09 pm GMT

francomg (member since February 4, 2013)

Nice report. I've dropped a Smiley blue last weekend and they were amazing, very strong and great empathy feelings. I'll make a report as soon as I have time to test it.

February 19, 2015, 9:27 pm GMT