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Blue Superman


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August 23, 2014
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Texture is quite soft and when holding the pill it feels powdery and it even leaves small traces on fingers. When scraping for sample, it crumbled. Color of pill is light blue and it has white and dark blue speckles.

Logo is pressed-in and in quite bad quality on one side. Other side has nothing and is smooth.

When testing, it reacted quite quickly (first 5 secs) with all reagents going to black at the end (Simon dark blue).

Marquis seemed more brownish then purple during first few seconds, but went pitch black at the end. It bubbled a bit. Suspect some Methamphetamine.

Mandelin also bubbled (not much), and going purple/black.

Mecke black, no bubbles.

Simon dark blue.

Photo unfortunately quite blurry but I noticed this when samples were already down the toilet :)

User report will be added later on.
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September 10, 2014
Light blue
4.0 mm
8.0 mm
Soft and crumbly
Suspected Contents
MDxx High
Mandelin Reagent
Marquis Reagent
Mecke Reagent
Simons Reagent
User Report

Unfortunately my experience with Superman was mixed with other ecstasy brand so I will just make some general remarks. I took it together with other people and we all shared the same experience so I think following statement should be valid.

Pill is quite strong and it hits pretty sudden. Peak is not very energetic, you just want to lay down and enjoy it. Music sounds great but there is no desire to dance, although one may say peak is so strong you can't even stand up :) We all experienced double vision, and our jaws were clenching. One of friends experienced entire body trembles, and her jaw was
shivering pretty wildly. Other then that she looked like she was having the time of her life :)

I would suggest non experienced user to start with a half.


demerzel (member since August 23, 2014)

Does someone know what bubbling means for Marquise and Mandelin reagents?

August 23, 2014, 11:21 am GMT

stayhealthy970 (member since September 1, 2012)

Welcome to the site

Thank for the report/testing

Fizzing is meaningless when identifying the compound present - it only tells you that the sample was present as the HCl salt (or salt of a similar volitile acid). Hence, fizz is proportional to the amount of Whatever HCl you dumped in.

I also added a warning an changed suspected/rating. To mdxx + amphetamines/ Adulterated.

August 23, 2014, 1:18 pm GMT

demerzel (member since August 23, 2014)

Not quite sure why exactly you put warning flag? Is it because of fizzing, or because of Marquise going to black through brownish tint? Chart shows this would mean MDMA or MDEA & Methamphetamine, considering Mandalin and Mecke both went purple/black. So yes, it's maybe adulterated with some amphetamines, but I don't consider this to be dangerous.

August 23, 2014, 8:51 pm GMT

rocker05 (member since August 24, 2014)

Hello! My friend also got his fingers on this light blue round superman from Croatia.They look absolutely same as on the picture and the description. He tested it with EZ test and turned to black in a second. He still didn't try them but there are voices outthere that they are very good and strong pills. According to ez test looks like pure mdma, even no purple just pure black colour. Waiting four your consumed experience Demerzel to share with us or anyone else who tried this boys... Cheers to everybody

August 23, 2014, 11:40 pm GMT

hug e bear (member since October 31, 2012)

Hey same pills in Germany!
They have a short but intense high.
Come down was not to bad!

August 24, 2014, 8:51 am GMT

rollnpeace (Moderator)

I think stayhealthy970 added a warning because these pills might contain an active ingredient other than MDxx. The fact that your Marquis showed brown before purple/black means that there might be some amphetamines in these as well as MDxx.

August 25, 2014, 6:09 am GMT

stayhealthy970 (member since September 1, 2012)

demerzel ~ the reason I added a warning is because u said u suspected methamphetamine an some people r sensitive to amphetamines.

August 25, 2014, 12:57 pm GMT

rocker05 (member since August 24, 2014)

Demerzel, have you consumed these light blue boys and share with us your excperience? Euphoria, emphaty, speed, lasting time...!?

August 25, 2014, 1:13 pm GMT

demerzel (member since August 23, 2014)

Rocker05, I still did not consumed them. But I will surely add report once I try them :)

August 25, 2014, 6:12 pm GMT

rocker05 (member since August 24, 2014)

thanks for answering, Demerzel!

August 25, 2014, 6:53 pm GMT

rocker05 (member since August 24, 2014)

has anyone else saw or try this supermans?

September 2, 2014, 12:18 am GMT

demerzel (member since August 23, 2014)

Report added. Strong pill! :)

September 10, 2014, 9:36 am GMT

rocker05 (member since August 24, 2014)

this is my report about this superman. Tested with ezest and turned to black in a second. But have to say there is something dirty in them. No euphoria, no speed,no emphaty. Just want to sit down and that is it. We all felt Like we took lots of diazepam. Also no interest in music. My advice stay away From these.

September 19, 2014, 12:51 pm GMT

demerzel (member since August 23, 2014)

Rocker, I agree with you - they may be adulterated with something as usual MDMA high should be euphoric, but it still feels MDxx-ish with strong effect. Was it not good at all for you?

September 22, 2014, 10:21 am GMT

rocker05 (member since August 24, 2014)

Hi,Demerzel! I also agree with you that pill has strong effect. My opinion is that pill is pure MDE because of it stoned effect. Eztest shows black colour for mdma,mda and mde. It is the same family but the result is diffrent. Mde is knowm for its stoned effect and lack of euphoria.so the only logical conclusion that is mde. Maybe some people like it,but i prefer euphoria and emphaty. I would also add no warning for this pill,but not mdma,just her cousin. Are there any new strong pill in your area? Greetings

September 24, 2014, 4:30 pm GMT

demerzel (member since August 23, 2014)

No, my connection still has these ones...

September 29, 2014, 9:29 am GMT

denzel07 (member since September 16, 2014)

demerzel mozes li mi se javit bgt na ja_denzel a host je VRUCI MEJL :)

November 8, 2014, 11:54 pm GMT