Pill Report: Lightning Bolt
Lightning Bolt


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September 27, 2005
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SHAPE/LOGO: Round with Lightning Bolt.

DIMENSIONS: 8mm X 4mm.

COLOUR: Orange/Beige.

EDGES: Bevel on top only.

TEXTURE: VERY crumbly. One turned to little bits in hand.

SMELL: Very strong liquorice smell.

TASTE: Extremely bitter.

SCORE: No score.

The taste of these was unusually bad. Almost too strong. Same goes for the smell. I hope they arent covered in safrol oil or whatnot to fool the tester. Haven\'t consumed these yet. Might try tonight and get back to you all.

Tested with marquis. Turned black from purple over a minute. Some green around the edges. Not much though. Test was a bit slow, but my tester is getting old in the tooth. Grabbing a new one tomorrow.


Dumped half of one of these at about 9:30. Came on within 20 minutes. Very strong come on. Not overpowering though. Nice and relaxed at the moment. Very talkative and open. Some eye wobbles. No jaw clenching. Though its only early days. Not very speedy, so hopefully I was wrong about that. Its only been an hour, so I cant really have a complete report, but if it continues like this, I'm guessing it'll last another 2 hours. I've given it an 8 at the moment going off previous experiences with pills, and because I need to give it a rating now I've taken it. I'll update the rating tomorrow morning if it changes.
Lightning Bolt
Orange beige
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death (member since October 13, 2005)

hey mate dont put a fucking report in if ya not gona finish the cunt

October 13, 2005, 8:03 am GMT

diskostu (member since December 15, 2005)

I had one of these on Xmas day I would give this pill a 5/10 at absolute best. Quite clean but a VERY low Md/ma/ea dose.

December 29, 2005, 4:35 am GMT

gaylord (member since September 8, 2006)

was on 3 omegas and not feeling anything, having a shitty night, then a mate gave me one and a half of these lightning bolts and i was off chops. i normally am not much of a dancer, just enjoy the atmosphere, bt by the time the club closed i was peekin off my brain...best pill ever!!!!! 10/10.

September 8, 2006, 9:58 am GMT

bless (member since September 8, 2006)

Awesome Pill! bought a batch of orange mercedes and found one of these in with them. Came on within 10 mins, quite visual, had eye wobbles for the first time (usually just get teeth chatters) peaked for about 3 hours! was very intense but fantastic. If you can get ur hands on these ur in for a great night! :)

December 28, 2006, 6:49 am GMT