Pill Report: red/orange VW
Red/orange VW


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September 27, 2005
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NAME: Dealer said that these were Red VW's, but it's clearly orange. Hence the pill name I gave.

SHAPE: Round, flat on both sides with bevelled edges on back

SIZE: approx 8mm * 4mm

COLOUR: orange

PRESS & SCORE: very clean, clear press of the VW logo, Score on back

TEXTURE: quite a solid pill, not at all chipped.

TASTE: bitter-chemical taste.

SMELL: none (I smelt it, nothing whatsoever).

EFFECTS: Took ~ 1 hour for it to come on with me (I had a Nando's burger 5 hours before, so empty stomach). Took around 30 minutes with the two girls I was with.

No sick feeling, although one of the girls felt activity in the stomach as it was kicking in.

After about 15-20 minutes of it kicking in I figured it had hit is peak (which it had) but waited another 30 to make sure.

We had all dropped 1 full pill at the start. This was enough for the girls but I felt I needed another half to get me where I should be. So after the 30 minutes we all dropped another half. This did the trick for me.

With two of us, these pills made us feel quite heavy but we could still dance. The other girl felt dancy. However, if we stopped dancing and sat down we all felt mellow.

We all felt like the lights were affecting us more than normal and spent a fair amount of time with our eyes closed. However, I couldn't really tell if I had eye wobbles because every time the lights flashed I felt I had to close my eyes because they were too bright. Slight jaw clenching but nothing major. Not very chatty at all which is very unusual for me. Felt happy and huggy, all of us had permanent smiles. Occasional dumbness (start a sentence but can't be fucked continuing it so stop half way, much to everyones ammusement :)).

The 'peak' lasted about 2 hours and we kept topping it up with halves.

I didn't have any visuals or hallucinations.

The comedown was easy, but felt tired (but we usually do anyway).

Good sleep, I didn't feel hot/cold feverish like I usually do but did seem constantly hot.

Two days later and I still feel quite emotional, that usually only happens the next day for me.

It was 2 months since all three of us had taken anything. We only took these VW pills on the night, nothing else.

Personally, I think this was a good dose of MDMA with no speed.

I have some other more frequent user friends who have had these with speed and they had an awesome night on them. They said they'd rate them a 7.5-8.

I felt they needed some speedyness to lighten the legs a little.

I'm rating this a 6 due to the 2 hour peak (as per the guidelines).
Round/score on back
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intoksykashonz (member since October 9, 2005)

i dropped a whole a month ago n started to ping after 45mins. i wasnt buzzing as much as other times but i was grinding,had eye wobblez, felt lovey and relaxed. it was either u were up n dancing for abit or sitting down feeling relaxed. the techno was only good for around 15mins.. but after u wuld just want to listen to songs that u could sing 2. i started coming down in 2 and 1/2 hours. rating 6.. not good 4 clubbing

October 9, 2005, 9:01 am GMT

kingspiro (member since May 27, 2007)

there called red v dubs

May 29, 2007, 1:35 pm GMT