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Red Speedy

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September 27, 2005
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UPDATE: preloaded with 150mg of 5-HTP and 100 of vitamin C
Plugged first pill at 1.30, nice easy come on after about 5 mins, slowley increasing till 25 min later, the second pill was snorted. and i peaked from both pills together. third pill was eaten at about 4,as i was stating to come down, didn't make any difference at all, no peak, at home by 5.30.

EFFECTS: After consuming the second pill i hit full peak of both, it was slow and graduale at first but then suddenly kicked my ass. The Ride was very sloppy...myself and everyone i was with all had the same pills different quantities and all were physically messy looking, eyes rolled back, jaw clenching, extremely bad vision, stumbling round, not the clean ride with a clear disposition i'm used too....sorta like a footy player that's had way too many beers and can't string a sentance together. My mind was at the stage of just having one pill, but my body looked like it had had about 10...
No proper loved up-hump-every-man-in-the-club feeling, very happy but non responsive to touch....so although it got me rather mashed, it wasn't very clean...recommend taking in wholes not halves.

SIZE: 8mm * 4mm

PRESS: really firm press

COLOR: red with speckles of darker red and white

SMELL: very mild aniseed taste

LOGO: the classic cartoon character of speedy gonzales
,complicated logo so very visable on some and not others.

SCORE:a med one

EDGES: blight bevels on both sides

even though i was told by DD, these are supposed to be \\\'smacky\\\',pills tested for prescence of speed, and i think hence the name,some of the contents is...however the sloppyness of it all shows a likening to MDA.

Have had these before a while ago, but had them in halves, so there was no 'real' peak.

Cartoon mouse speedy gonzales
Suspected Contents

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morbud (member since January 19, 2006)

Tried one of these around October 2005 - not a very clean pill, quite smacky. would give it about 4/10

January 19, 2006, 10:15 am GMT