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Red Mercedes

Melb - outer eastern

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September 27, 2005
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First report - bare with me here guys.

SHAPE: Round, flat on both sides with bevelled edges on back

SIZE: approx 8mm * 5mm

COLOUR: pale reddish-pink with darker red specks and few white-ish specks. Bordering on orange in some light

PRESS & SCORE: very clean, clear press of the Mercedes logo,. Score absent.

TEXTURE: quite a solid pill, not at all chipped, once bitten a little crumbly

TASTE: quite a bitter-chemical taste, not the most terrible I have ever tasted though

SMELL: none apparent (but I have a cold)

EFFECTS: Had these Sat night just gone, went out with friends to fairly commercial club, not a bad atmosphere. Chewed and swallowed at around half 12. felt like it took a while to start to set in. started to bit loved up and cruisy about 30 mins later, and peak started about 45 mins after ingestion. Come up was nice, steady and clean, body tingles, dancy, minor jaw clenches, a good consistant but not extremely hard peak. A little uncoordinated dancing for a short while but settled into a lovely cruisy level, peak lasted for maybe three hours until I dropped again. after dropping my second - same effects as first one, just took me a bit higher and made me more loved up and dancy second peak lasted up to about three hours.
Was at a great level all night, fantastic mood, very dancy at times(i always dance anyway though), and very cruisy in general
Pale reddish-pink, red speckle
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door1fta (member since April 12, 2006)

me ans a few friend have had these the past 2 wekends... very very shit press fall apart very easy if you only want 2 start with a halfie....
peak kind of snuck up on some of us but was god al rounder thumbs up for all (good when on wizz as well).

May 17, 2006, 9:36 am GMT

cmrsn (member since September 29, 2006)

yea real powdery, snorted half of one with a mate, hit me fast and hard, hurt though,,.. why did i snort it?

September 29, 2006, 6:52 am GMT