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September 27, 2005
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SHAPE: Round, flat on both sides with bevelled edges.

COLOUR: Very pale blue with faint, darker blue specks. Appears almost white in some lighting.

PRESS: Nice clean press of the Mercedes logo. No score.

TEXTURE: A fairly solid pill, didn't crumble easily, but not rock hard either.

TASTE: Bitter, screw-up-your-face MDMA flavour, although not as unbearable as some pills. Didn't notice any trace of sweetness at all.

Don't have the pills in front of me anymore so that's all I can remember.

Had these as a "boost" for a bit of a nanging session on the weekend. :) Crushed and swallowed one just after 9pm. Come-up was fairly strong after about 30 mins, found it best to sit down and chill quietly for awhile, however I didn't really reach a peak until taking another half about an hour later.

At this time the usual MDMA effects were present. Not extremely stimulating, just cruised along on a nice MDMA buzz... jaw clenches, SEVERE eye wobbles when attempting to load the bulb machine! Peak lasted close to 3 hours. Fell asleep quite easily about 5.5 hours after the first pill.
Slightly scattered/off-balance the next day but otherwise felt pretty good.

I'm far from a regular popper but I have a fairly high natural tolerance to MDMA. :/ After 1.5 of these I had an enjoyable MDMA experience, although I would've prefered something a little more intense. My partner also had 1.5 and was very happy, constantly flipping between excitement and extreme relaxation. :)

These seem to be a very clean MDMA pill with a decent dose in them. Probably not the strongest around, but still recommended.
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ecstatic raver (member since October 3, 2005)

Really didn't enjoy these pills. Dropped one at a rave, waited 30 minutes. Felt smacked out. Had to sit down. Music was great, wanted to dance but couldn't get up. about 1.5 hours passed, and surprisingly enough had a sudden burst of energy, got up and dance for rest of night untill it closed at 6am. felt great. very weird pill.

October 3, 2005, 1:18 pm GMT

medicatedstateofmind (member since April 4, 2008)

My experience very different to the above.
Mild pill with no definate peak. A very detached high, light and sounds cool but nothing special.
I slept fine on these pills.

April 4, 2008, 12:58 am GMT