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September 27, 2005
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pillreports v1
Size: 8mm * 5mm

Shape: round

Smell: slight

Press: quite solid press there really hard and did not chip in my wallet in the clubs

Edges: no bevel

Score: none

Taste: horrible when chewed

these were pretty good... there really pale yellow

double dropped these friday night in the valley

took around 40 mins to come on... peak lasted around 3 hours with a gradual peak... not recomended for really a realy intense time but these really make you feel great and loved up... while coming on i had some eye wobbles and jaw clentches throughout the whole peak..

i had some white 69"s in the same bag not sure which were better because i had 2 of each...
69 or cancer starsign in told
Pale yellow
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parkern (member since October 30, 2005)

Very good report! cheers m8 ;) Im gonna have one of those to night maybe :)

November 5, 2005, 9:19 am GMT

tkcr3w (member since November 17, 2005)

Yellow 69's are good! eyes tweaked out after about half an hour on my first one of these babys .was peaking a good few hours and music kept me going all night. Still feeling effects by daylight after i had my last 1 around 2:30 AM

November 17, 2005, 1:17 am GMT

off tap bro (member since April 2, 2006)

Me and my mates went and played golf on these. Imust say they are not a bad pill. Droped our first about 20 min before ariving at the club house. After ariving at the 2nd started to feel a tingle. Nothing strong but this is the first time i'v played outside in the heat on pils. so wasn't sure what to expect. By the 3rd hole my mate got stung by a bee this seemed to cause him to peak and get a kick. It just made me laugh. By the end of the fifth it was time to drive the bugy back to the car park and get the i-pod and speakers as we needed to liven up a little. Best ides ever... Danced up a storm up until the 9th then dropped another. Feeling great 2 of my mates didn't even hit a ball on the 2nd nine. One mate who was 1 day off of finishing a three month self ban decided to try a half on the second nine holes. He looked to be enjoying himself... ha ha, these pills aren't really energetic. Finished golf went home to sit in air conditioning and chill out. had one red mitsubishi so i halfed it with my mate and dropped that. Now i'm in trouble. Mild Jaw clenches minor eye wobbles. Sit around and talk shit. Not ready to go to bed as it is only 6pm drop another 69. peaked 20min later really loved up. wanted a change of venue. Moved to new venue. 8pm Double dropped 2 69's got woked up. On the couch...couldn't move......couldn't talk......gone. After coming out of my high, watched a bit of tellie and some tunes was assleep by 1am... i think!

April 6, 2006, 4:37 am GMT

miss dynamite (member since June 29, 2008)

i had these on my 17th b'day there one of the best ive ever had i wish they would come back

June 29, 2008, 1:04 pm GMT

juggergod (member since May 10, 2009)

Yellow 69s are bomb as shit, I found some purple 69 presses too and might I say find them!!!!! U must try!

May 12, 2009, 4:13 pm GMT