Pill Report: Purple batman.
Purple Batman.


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September 27, 2005
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SHAPE/LOGO: Round pill flat sides with an in print of the batman sign.

DIMENSIONS: 8mm X 4mm.

COLOUR: Light purple in color with some darker purple & white in it.

EDGES: Bevelled edge on sides.

TEXTURE: Hard press.

SCORE: No score.

SMELL: The smell is abit like aniseed but not real strong.

TASTE: Bitter taste to it, but only lick side.

Have not had one yet, will report after this weekend. Has anyone had these yet.....
Batman sign.
Light purple.
Suspected Contents


intoksykashonz (member since October 9, 2005)

when i had these my tolerance use to be low so i dropped half at 7pm and waited 1 hour..and then snorted bit by bit of the other half. i was buzzing for around 3hours. felt happy, lovey, dancy, had jaw clenches, eye wobbles. after 4 hours from dropping i had 3 cones of weed which kicked it back in but i was fuked. eye wobbles but not dancy or anything. i had more chuff at 3am. i was fucked off my face..saw hallucinations for eg. my friends face turned into her mothers and wouldnt go away. she also turned into a pirate. scary but interesting and funny at the same time. afterwards me and a friend talked for around 3-4hours of shit that made no sense. we had a 5 second memory, literally. i would say a sentence and after think 2 myself.. y did i say that? pill lasted 3 hours. rating 8-9

October 9, 2005, 9:24 am GMT

punkindrublic (member since November 22, 2005)

I've had a yellow Batman, but not sure if they would be the same.. If they are.. Go for it, it was awesome.. I loved everyone

November 22, 2005, 7:44 am GMT

itslina (member since May 12, 2006)

I HAD THESE EXACT PILLS. (in May of 2006)
These pills freaked me out so bad.
I took 2 around 10pm. Everything seemed to be going fine &normal, was really speedy &talking waaaaay too much too fast. About 4 hours after taking them, my friend &I decided to smoke a little to maybe calm us down. Right after I smoked, I LITERALLY FELT MY MIND SNAP AWAY FROM ME. I can not even explain how this feels. All I can say is it was LITERALLY INSANE. We then sat in an empty room for the next FOUR HOURS talking completely random. We could not remember the sentence we had just said. We'd figure out all the problems and answers to everything we had ever questioned in the worlds and then it would go away. We both felt like we were paralyzed and I'm pretty sure we had out of body experiences. I felt completely insane. We were both sure that any second someone would see us and bring us to an insane hospital. Finally, abou t4-5 hours after going insane we could finally go to sleep. Although even when I walked I still felt as though I was not completely back in my body/mind. I slept well but when I woke up I was still not sure if I was right. Even the next day &night as I layed down I could feel my body levitating about 6 inches above. Smoking a cigarette the next day made everything start breathing again and freaked me out.

It was extremely scary at the time but now that I look back it was fun. I don't think I'd try these again though because when you're on it, it makes you forget that you took drugs.. you literally just go insane... I saw it happen to my friends a few days later too..

August 31, 2006, 7:40 pm GMT

stayupallnight (member since February 16, 2007)

yeah these pills where alright the first and second time. whats weird about it was that everyone that was taking it barf except for me, but i have the stomach feeling that i wanted to barf but i guess i was strong enough to keep it in. i like the green batmans better those where some hitters even though my tolerance were high.

April 2, 2007, 12:00 pm GMT