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September 27, 2005
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Im postin this for anybody that might run across these in the area and let em know there decent. My freind tried them last week and said they were str8 but he didnt catch the full wrath( meanin bascially gettin smacked in the face by a ton of bricks and your eyes is soemwhere in the back of your head. Aight so i ate 2 wholes and a half between bout 11:00 and 11:40pm,my freind popped 2 in that time frame,and i gave another freind that was there a half cuz he hadnt rolled but maybe 10 times and he dont wanna go out there. So its bout 30to40 minutes later. We went in the store to get some blunts and brew and as soon as we stepped up outa the car we all started feelin a little buzzed. The comeup was smooth and fast no real ancyness,no weirded out feel. So we got our goods and headed home cuz none of us needed to be drivin. I walked in and layed rite the fuck down on the couch for a minute to take in what was happenin and boom my body and head was str8 rushin,very sensitive to everything, the slightest movemant like stretchin felt madd good. Suprisingly my freind that ate the half was feelin it, and i could tell because his eyes were huge and flippin backevery once in a while. Now the friend that ate 2 is more expierience roller than i am, he chewed his up at the time we ate em,i eat em whole,,newayz he was fuckin gone eyes all back in the head. My eyes never really flipped out like that,everything was fuzzy ,and my jaws were goin off for a solid 3 hours almost. Then still had a very nice body buzz,might had a touch of speed i had energy but i wasnt tweekin or feelin janky like that shit makes u feel. My friend who ate the half was asleep by 4am. Me and other dude who went out there stayed up til 6ish jus smokin chillin and we felt pretty damn good, next thing i know he was snorin so i went and hit my bed.Didnt feel cracked out at all jus a little tired cuz i only slept for a couple hours. Yea we multi-dosed but 1 bean eatin at a time jus dont get us there,probably cuz we dont get the best quality(i mean they do the trick jus gotta eat a couple to get to the level u wana be . Peace
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shiva24 (member since October 28, 2005)

(Blue Christmas Trees- San Francisco Bay Area, CA) When I saw the above reports on these I was looking forward to them. Most users had good very good things to say about blue christmas trees but if you read the reviews most are talking about pills that were going around in nov/dec 2004. These are NOT the same pills. I took one and felt pretty good after an hour and a half but without the heart opening empathy and love that you feel with pure ecstasy. I took another 1/2 about 90 min into the trip and another full pill 45 min after that. I felt pretty good but never got a balls out roll that I usually get off of 1 to 1 1/2 hits of real ecstasy. These are mostly MDEA and maybe some MDA. Go to "erowid vaults" to read about these ecstasy like substances and thier effects and you will know what to expect. Also a bit speedy, mind wouldn't stop when it came time to try and sleep.If you are going to be getting these pills I'd wait for something better or get your money back if you can,...Demand Suppliers Provide a Better Product! It helps everybody. Rating--5/10

November 8, 2005, 3:07 am GMT