Pill Report: Nespresso (Bright Yellow/Lime)
Nespresso (Bright Yellow/Lime)


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December 24, 2018
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I reagent tested one of the yellow nespresso pills that are offered with "270mg" at the moment. Marquis, Mandelin and Mecke test looks fine.
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February 11, 2019
Bright Yellow / Yellow Lime
Suspected Contents
MDxx High
Mandelin Reagent
Marquis Reagent
Mecke Reagent
User Report

I tested this one with two friends of mine. Iam 80kg male guy. I dont do mdma often, the last time i took something before was 5 month ago.

08:00 We met at a friends house and was haveing a good meal and a few wine, beer and whiskey. Later on we decided to go to a clubrave and i spontanusly took this pill with me (Online this pill is listed with 270mg). At this moment i wasnt shure if i should take it this night.

01:00 We arrived in the club and i was already a bit drunken. My friend asked if we wont share the pill now with me and another friend. So we all three take a tiny bit of the pill. Around even less as a quarter of it for each. So we were going to smoke some cigarett outside and drank some more beer at the bar.

01:30: I was feeling a bit of a coming up and we were in the club again and decided to take the rest of the pill. It was about a bit less of a half pill left and we shared again.

2:00: The effects of the pill kicked in realy intense for me but nothing too crazy. Even if we all take only 1/3 of it at all. I think it was a strong feeling because we were drunk already. So my vision got a bit blurry but i was talking to everyone and was feeling friendship for everyone. The music on the dancefloor was good aswell and we danced for a few hours.

5:00: We decided to go to friendshouse again with a bunch of party ppl and were drinking there a few more drinks. I cant realy tell when the effects of the e ended because of the alcohol. We were sitting there till 9 o clock in the morning and was talking to each other. I lost the time to this point and when i was looking at the clock i realized how late it already was. So i decided to go home at this point.

10:30: I came home and fell aslep realy instant. I slept till
15:00 o clock and my hangover was realy hard for the next two or three days. But iam 34 old and also dont do alcohol realy often for now because it keeps to have a hard hangover for me nowadays aswell.. But i have to say mindly i was feeling a bit depressed for sure the next two days. I tryed to recover myself with magnesium and vitamin c tablets and with antioxidant fruit juice. Also i took 5-htp for the next days after this evening to recover but it took a while till my mindly state was fully recovered again.

My conclusion: I was drunk and cant give a neutral rating on this pill but for about 1/3 of it kicked in realy intense and it didnt took realy long to kick in. my two friends who are a bit more experienced with mdma sayd that this one was a strong one aswell and felt of a realy clean roll. I will try this one more time on a sobber starting state without so much alcohol and will start with a half of it i think.

So folks be safe and dont forget to test ur stuff always! ;)

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