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Green Heineken


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October 9, 2017
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Green 'heineken' pressed on the bottle without neck shaped pill, not that hard to break off on half because the snapline was well made.
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October 9, 2017
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MDxx High
User Report

Took half around 11:30 pm when was going in the club.
T+00:45 feeling nothing, just here and then comes the little bursts of energy and rythim, not too long, for couple of seconds here and there
T+00:50 took another half
T+00:55 already feeling eyes wiggling everywhere, beat gets through me, biiig overwelming sensation throughout whole body
T+01:30 dancing like crazy, sunglasses and 2 feet from dj is my oasis, beat pounds through me, hard to loose sence of rythim
T+2:30 starting to feel a little sore leg muscles (did leg day that day so couldn't jump so much) took a seat to rest, but the overwelming sensation just got over me, and feeling like my whole body was orgasming for another 1:30h
T+04:00 good vibes all over me still, like I was peeking, but was hard to move because of overwelming feeling of high dose of MDMA (suspected 220mg-250mg). My friend get me to get out on the air to smoke a cigarette. As soon as I walked for over 5 steps, the rythim and wanting to dance came to me in instant. Smoked cigarette and danced for the next hour and a half
T+5:30 the high feeling starts to wear off, but still feeling big rushes of love towards everybody. At this point I could normally roll a joint which is hard for me when high on M. Smoked a fat joint, walked around the club and offering everyone because I felt that is good to spread love and good emotions towards everybody.
T+06:30 starting to go home, yet still feeling love and just happy emotions all over me, cannabis got me well for the sleep that morning.

Slept for 12 hours like a baby, comedown held me for 3 days, everything was beautifull, I could eat normally,not very sore jaw, still frendly, and very communicative. This was my first pill. 8/10

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