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Mario Bullet Bill


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July 10, 2017
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Went dark purple to black in under 2 seconds.(Marquis test)
It was MDMA/MDA.I experienced heavy hallucinations because of higher doses.
Also,sorry for the picture quality.
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July 31, 2017
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9.0 mm
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MDxx Medium
Marquis Reagent
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8:30 pm
Took 1 pill while resting next to the pool. It was not dark,you could still see the blue sky. (2 dudes)
9:00 pm
Started to see moving wavy patterns on the floor.The sounds of bugs and water in the pool were absolutely incredible.I could hear the bugs really close to me.The colors of trees and flowers were enhanced like an instagram filter.
10:00 pm
We went home to listen to some music.Drank some OJ and took another one.We went out to the garden and sat down to feel the earth.It was around 12 am when we started to slowly comedown but we went back home and took the 3rd one.With hot coffee.Saw lots of abstract visuals.I saw lots of numbers on the walls.

It lasted until 3 am.At 3:30 am we took another one but it was a different pill.(Green Grenade,Ps:This pill also gave the same reaction on Marquis test.It became black in 1 second) Here is where the story begins.
After that it all became horrible.Started seeing disgusting faces.I saw my friend like a 70 year old guy.His hands were morphing into an alien hand with horribly long fingers.Our faces were morphing into weird shapes.He said he couldnt see my pupils at all.Only white blank eyes staring to him.Sometimes he wouldnt even see a face just blank skin.The same happened to me but his pupils were alright.His eyes could move in every direction 360 degrees !

We both saw my cat sleeping on the bed.When we moved closer it morphed into a blanket.
Saw red giant spiders walking on the roof of my neighbors house.
All this stuff lasted until 5-6 am.Besides all the psychedelic effects it had really bad effects physically too.
Our skin was quiet yellow.It felt like a lizard;s skin.It felt like it was being stretched.
My friends left eye was disoriented.What i mean is basically the both eyes were not at the same level.The left eye was little bit more down.
Around 8 am i started having panic attacks and hypothermia.My hands and feet were in dark purple color.They were starting to get numb every second i let them relax.After sometime it all became serious and i felt the need to go to the hospital.But somehow my friend convinced me to stay home and relax.I massaged my hands and it was getting better.Basically what i think is, my veins were contracted a lot and because of that, the blood flow was quiet low and it was getting really numb.
My friend felt great at that time.The effects were still active at 10 am.We were complaining about the effects and when would it end.Theres a lot more to the story but these are the main things that happened that day.

I would rate the pink pills 9/10.No Jaw clenching.It was hot outside,even without the pill we were sweating so,cant blame the pill.Felt really euphoric.Music was great.Everything was perfect until we f***ed up.
As i said,the pills were fantastic.According to seller they were over 200mg.Hope this info helps !


bogman (member since March 27, 2008)

the end of your night sounds horrible, either it was way to much MD or the last pill was contaminated.

glad everything was ok in the end, next time take it a bit easier.

July 11, 2017, 6:42 pm GMT

kafkaf (member since June 12, 2017)

Sure thing,Even though i am not an amateur,i really made a big and stupid mistake.I am not planning to take that much again!

July 16, 2017, 9:10 pm GMT

ayda1yeterli (member since November 15, 2015)

Wasn't checking this website for a longtime but i gave it a shot and logged in just to write a comment on this one.
Very nice read from start to end. I kinda had the same visual sh*t my friend when i popped 2 samsung pills. Hallucinations and visuals are expected with high dose MDMA. Take care, stay safe!

September 26, 2017, 7:10 pm GMT

ashdod (member since December 31, 2018)

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December 31, 2018, 7:29 am GMT