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September 27, 2005
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this is my third time reporting this pill, but this time i dropped only one of these after an absence of 4 days.

this pill is without a doubt goood. its NOT speedy, just a very clean 80-100 MG dose of MDMA.

i feel erally nice, and could easily sleep.

im sure my tolerance is up so im only rollin as hard as it will let me. 2 will do the trick for me tonight i am postive.

i am with a mate who has eatin one as his second pill ever. first was a green vg which he LOVED..

he's in for a good night, its so clean i could sleep right now WIHOUT a dbout..god i forgot what a clean roll feels like.


GOOD body high, happy mind, energy if i wanted to do something, empathy, music is wonderufl

these are good guys, stock up. im suprised no on else had reported yet.

i heard the red arnt as curious to try.


ahhh i dropped the first 1/2 @ like 10:30, and finally started rollin around 2 and took another 1/2 later on for a total of 2.5.

its 5:53 and i smoked some weed earlier and am still goooooood...i have to go to work for 8 and im fine, i dont really care that i have to go, i feel like i've lost no sleep, but gained positive sure this will come down once these pills subside, but omfg what good night and a cleaaaaaaaan pill....ahhh its just that warm and tingly chill feeling you have all night and when u want to make it go nuts u do some vicks or music..

rollin is gettin borin tho, so its time for quits, im outta rolls, and outta cash, so im done for as long as i can wait.

FUCKING BOMB way to end it.

my mate had a blast too, he just kept saying thank you thank was great...

good luck guys!


my day was fine, i had pleanty of energy, and a super clear head. there was no come down, i just wasnt rolling anymore, but there is meth, but even that didnt hurt me all that much. I could have slept at any point after i was not rolling, i was just mildly stimulated.

i am NOT a fan of meth, but as i stated before, the amount of whatever in this pill is GREATLY out weighed by a good stong dose of MDMA.

these are wihout a doubt the best and cleanest batch of rolls i've had since the VG's and the White O's.

im assuming the meth to mdma ration is 1/10.
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peacelove (member since October 19, 2005)

I had these!!
They were so chill!

October 23, 2005, 12:58 pm GMT