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September 27, 2005
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Well let me say from reading the posts that Dolphins seem to be bad as of late..But I will say that I had some pretty good Dolphins about 3 weeks ago....But that was the good, and I am gonna report the UGLY...I am glad this wasn't my first experience b/c I probably would have never done E again. The pill was not the color of the one posted mine was a blue turquoise color. It was dome shaped and it was a full stamp and the outline was dull and not sharp like the one pictured. It also had white specks on the pill. My friend and I took the pill around 7ish. I got slightly talkative but no love feeling at all (and I love that feeling!) Got a dull nagging headache about 830 and felt dizzy and foggy throughout the whole experience. Not crazy about the feeling at all. Friend and I decided to take another half as we were getting annoyed. Never rolled but after that half I got quiet, wanted to sit outside and be alone. Not sad or anything but definitely not happy like I'm used to being when on E. Just there I suppose. Felt dead sober by 12 and decided to go to bed. This is when it got scary. I got really cold and my heart started racing and felt like it was gonna go pound out of my chest. My friend came in my room and said the same. My chest started hurting all night and I had weird tingly metallic feelings in my body from time to time. So until 530 am we paced around dead awake, not feeling screwed up just scared, with our hearts zooming. Got our heart rate mine was 135 bpm at least and it's usually around 64. I am not an experienced E user so I am hoping someone can tell me what they think was in this bunk shit. I don't recommend this shit to anyone; STAY AWAY!!
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italianbeauty143143 (member since September 30, 2005)

I posted about this a few months ago, not a lot of people read the report due to lack of a picture but, when I had a friend of mine who works at a lab test these he found all sorts of garbage in them. High doses of caffiene, no mdma, no mdea, no mda, no pma, just caffeine, ephedrine, and this is really shocking, aderal the prescription drug prescribed to ADHD patients. Mixing these will make your organs do double time. Somebody needs to be shot over this, they obviously don't know what lives they are risking. Try staying away from blue pills for a couple months.

October 21, 2005, 5:33 pm GMT

hotdamnitamanda (member since October 15, 2006)

Same thing happend to me with some stupid tan telephones. No idea what was going on...Shit.

January 21, 2007, 7:55 pm GMT