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Louis Vuitton


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December 11, 2016
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I Didnt see a report form my country so i decided be the first with my crazy night :)
My dealer told me that usually this pills have mdma and caffeine.

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December 11, 2016
Very well pressed
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MDxx + other
MDxx High
Marquis Reagent
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i took pill around 8pm, i had 2 one for me and the other for a girl that never came. so i decided grind the pill of my friend (girl) and smell it. i felt a little active, with a lot of energy on me then i went to a party with my friends and we drunk some beers and smoke cigarettes meanwhile the music was awesome, i felt it so deep in my hears and it felt good. at 9pm i decided swallow the entire pill that i had (mine) i helped it drinking beer...
around 10pm i was very happy and have my eyes so wiggles, i dont change my site for anything.. with my friends and some girls talking to me. i tryed use my cellphone to thank to my dealer for this pill but i couldnt see anything! so i close one eye and i can see a little... he told me that i need chew gum beacuse when the night comes down i gonna feel my jaw as a fuck and right. i did that. well night go well y was in a bathroom with a girl and i felt her hair and her skin so good! was a pleasure touch her that night. so soft, so sensitive and her lips was not bad :)
a bad fact was that the party ended for a fight and i felt so sad beacuse i felt that night was starting but i saw my clock and was 3pm. i accompany a friend to his house and i go walking to my house with much energy yet.

no problem to sleep. but day after i couldnt eat anything, was only this fucking thing the bad fact.
although this fuck my day i didnt feel sad or other bad thing of after party

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