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London, United Kingdom

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November 8, 2015
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Do not know exact measurements of pill but it was pretty tall, could be considered 'double-stacked' but this seemed to just be it's size.

Started to break apart when I put it in my pocket.
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November 11, 2015
Soft pressed, powdery, easily breakable
Suspected Contents
MDxx High
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Was in London on vacation(in September) & clearly could not smuggle my own pills.

Did something I never do and had to buy pills off of a random person. I gave these pills a lick and they tasted good to me so I bought them.

8:15pm: Consumed full pill on relatively empty stomach. I had eaten about 4 hours prior.

8:45pm: Starting to feel like my legs are weightless, feeling the urge to sit down as the pill is kicking in.

9:00pm: Rolling now and almost feeling floored but I manage to stay standing and start dancing as it hits me pretty damn hard.

9:30pm: Having a freaking blast now, no longer feeling floored just enjoying the music and lights and loving life. Lovely body high and euphoria.

10:00pm: Party ends but we are still rolling! Hop on the tube to get back to the hotel, rolling- talking to random people.

10:45pm: Walking back to our hotel, roll is not as intense because it is cold outside, no music and no lights but still feeling great can't wait to get back to room.

11:45: Spent the last good bit of this roll under the blankets in the hotel, it is much lighter now- wishing I had bought another one to keep it going! Roll is just about over around midnight but it just nicely fades away.

OVERALL: One of the cleanest rolls I have had in a long time. Such a nice, strong roll with the lovey dovey feelings and urge to dance. My fiance compared it to his first roll, which must mean it was good! Wish we could have tested but from my experience I could say that these were pretty damn pure. I slept like a baby that night and did not have to wake up to piss a bunch of times at night. No hangover.

Wish i could find these in the U.S!

(Please excuse the terrible photo I took of the pill while inside a porta-john!)

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